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Science, Grade 3 (Interactive Notebooks) I am really shocked by all the good reviews This is basically just an outline You need your own notebook and copy machine My third grader need not waste time coloring and cutting out little diagrams I see some educational value in this, but not for 3rd grade Plus I don t have time to go make copies of every page They could have at least put the exercises on a blank page. Interactive Notebooks Science For Grade Is A Fun Way To Teach And Reinforce Effective Note Taking For Students Students Become A Part Of The Learning Process With Activities About Plant And Animal Adaptations, The Human Body, Matter, Force And Motion, Simple Machines, The Solar System, And This Book Is An Essential Resource That Will Guide You Through Setting Up, Creating, And Maintaining Interactive Notebooks For Skill Retention In The Classroom High Interest And Hands On, Interactive Notebooks Effectively Engage Students In Learning New Concepts Students Are Encouraged To Personalize Interactive Notebooks To Fit Their Specific Learning Needs By Creating Fun, Colorful Pages For Each Topic With This Note Taking Process, Students Will Learn Organization, Color Coding, Summarizing, And Other Important Skills While Creating Personalized Portfolios Of Their Individual Learning That They Can Reference Throughout The YearSpanning Grades Kindergarten To Grade , The Interactive Notebooks Series Focuses On Grade Specific Math, Language Arts, Or Science Skills Aligned To Meet Current State Standards, Every Page Book In This Series Offers Lesson Plans To Keep The Process Focused Reproducibles Are Included To Create Notebook Pages On A Variety Of Topics, Making This Series A Fun, One Of A Kind Learning Experience Interactive Notebooks are great for kids who love to learn and do arts crafts projects I purchased this to teach my homeschooled son, thinking he would enjoy them Unfortunately, we would spend a lot of time cutting and pasting and little time learning To make the exercise time effective, I would assemble the pages at night and he would do the activity the next day He enjoyed doing it that way than I did They are educational and because they are interactive, the information was retained better than just talking about each subject. The information provided is perfect for piquing interest in a wide variety of science topics With a laptop on hand, or a library nearby, this can lead to some great projects and discussions I love the direction and inspiration that it gives, and the presentable product for state review at the end of the year is a plus It is very flexible in order of presentation, and you can stop to really embellish on certain topics, or simply cover and move on from the things of less interest My son enjoys the ability to personalize it, and the variations of interactivity with each page keeps him engaged Many homeschoolers can relate to dropping funds on something that looks good, but ends up collecting dust on the shelf because it wasn t a good fit This is excellent for its adaptability, is very modest in the investment, and one of the best purchases I have made We also have Language Arts and Math All good stuff. These were great however, it should be noted that you will have to make copies of the papers in order for students to use them The lesson plan and answers are on the backside You can find other sources for about the same price on other online teacher notebooking sites I do like that it covered thoroughly all the target concepts for 3rd grade science. Very useful and enjoyable Children learn at the same time as they do and manipulate I really liked this books These is a great starter resource for teachers wanting to start interactive notebooks Includes a good section on getting started, ideas for notebook uses, grading rubric, page to plan your notebook etc The ideas are easy to implement but do take time The time put into getting the notebook setup is time consuming but if you are doing them for several subjects the students get the hang of it quickly and the process moves along faster The you do them, the better the students and teacher get at utilizing this tool I suggest purchasing a grade up and down Some pages are a bit repetitive up or down a grade but this helps to differentiate for students within your classroom especially in Science I found the pages for Rocks easy to incorporate and differentiate for the different ages at home I ve taught for many years and homeschool my own and it is great with having a multi age classroom I add pages and activities in our interactive notebook as needed and exclude any I don t need Is it perfect No Is it useful Yes A good foundation to build on.I purchased Language Arts, Science, and Math.

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