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Score and Rehearsal Preparation: A Realistic Approach for Instrumental Conductors Every instrumental conductor, whether young or old, should take time to read this book The methodical approach to score study and preparation as suggested from Stith are both very informative and thorough Personally speaking, I found this book convicting as a music educator I believe good educators ask themselves, Have my students done all they can to be successful and I believe GREAT educators ask, Have I done all I can to ensure my students are successful Score and Reheasal Preparation A Realistic Approach for Instrumental Conductors will challenge you as an educator to spend time doing your homework before asking the students to do theirs I will never step up to my podium again without having prepared as this book suggests As a result, I believe my students will learn to love music and see that I am helping them to become a better musician. I used this text in my instrumental conducting class and my students found it very helpful The book s introduction contains a brilliant metaphor, comparing the tip of an iceberg to conducting a piece of music The iceberg s largest section, located underneath the surface, is compared to the vast amount of score study necessary prior to that first rehearsal Gary Stith then takes this concept and develops a systematic approach to score analysis, dividing the process into three phases He outlines each phase, further breaking the sections into concrete steps every conductor will want to follow This book provides the tools that will help ensemble directors maximize rehearsals and yield fruitful performances I heartily endorse it As an educator, this book and the resources provided within it have been instrumental in my rehearsal preparation over the last year After reading this book I found myself feeling inspired to dig deeper with the pieces I present to my ensemble The Score Preparation Worksheet is an invaluable, time saving tool that provides a critical outline for the score study process This worksheet is reproducible, and I now find myself keeping spare copies in my rehearsal folder and at home where I can easily begin studying a new score in great detail After using the worksheets and going through the process, I file the worksheet inside each score Storing the worksheets will allow for a quick review of the score when I choose to perform the piece again in the future.Mr Stith s method is very thorough without being overly time consuming He guides you through the process step by step, using a popular concert band score in his examples This text is incredibly useful to music educators who direct large ensembles, and would be a fantastic text for collegiate Instrumental Methods courses In fact, I wish this text was presented in my Instrumental Methods course many years ago After reading the book twice, it now remains on my desk at school where I refer to it at least weekly. Had the opportunity to sit in a session Mr Stith did at Midwest 2012 and he mentioned this book so I picked it up Thorough, detailed, easily understandable, well organized and most of all HELPFUL He is also straight to the point, so it isn t a large book You will probably need to read it 2 3 times to get everything out of it Wat I d like to see him also have is an electronic version of his chart checklist online, but I can make one myself in Word.I highly recommend this book to old directors, new directors and aspiring directors alike. Meredith Music Resource This Text Is Sure To Provide The Most Practical Approach To Orchestra And Wind Band Score Study Ever Published It Methodically Simplifies Preliminary Score Study And Initial Rehearsal Preparation For All Conductors Of Band, Orchestra And Chamber Ensembles It Is Enormously Valuable For Practicing Conductors From Elementary School To Those Leading Professional Ensembles As A Supplement To Undergraduate And Graduate Level Instrumental Conducting Classes, It Is An Extremely Effective Text The Unique Features Of This Innovative Publication Include An Easy To Read Format That Systematically Walks The Reader Through The Entire Score Study Process Complete Full Score To Flourish For Wind Band By Vaughan Williams Used As The Study Score Throughout Compositional Flowchart Of The Vaughan Williams Work Score And Rehearsal Preparation Worksheet That Can Be Reproduced And Used With Any Wind Band Or Orchestral Score And Maintained For Future Use Seating Arrangement Diagrams Of Nationally Renown Wind Bands And Orchestras Comprehensive Glossary Of Standard Instrument Abbreviations Standard Band And Orchestra Instrumentation Reference Chart Selective And Detailed Bibliography Containing Specific Sources That Will Prove Invaluable In The Preparation Of All Instrumental Scores Click Here For A YouTube Video On Score And Rehearsal Preparation

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