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Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck Sarah Hollenbeck Is Torn Between Her Christian Faith And Her Future As A Writer Of Steamy Romance Novels And Things Become Even Complicated When She Finds Herself Falling In Love With Her Pastor

15 thoughts on “Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck

  1. Parkland Mom Parkland Mom says:

    I want to be friends with Sarah Hollenbeck I love her growth and her humour I enjoyed the relatable moments, the well defined main character, the struggles of a new AND a longtime Christian, the fun and meaningful chapter titles, characters with flaws, etc.There are so many outstanding lines and paragraphs, but here is a favourite part There are certain words that feel to your

  2. Chautona Chautona says:

    By chapter six, I was done Seriously I did not like the character, I didn t like the plot, I didn t like any of it I couldn t see where it was going.But I kept reading because I really wanted to love this book.Here s what I discovered minor spoilers.This really is kind of a modern telling of Sense and Sensibility Sarah Hollenbeck is Marianne Dashwood Her practical friend who says it

  3. EmilyP EmilyP says:

    I can understand how this book has been one of the most talked about in 2018 This was an unabashedly honest portrayal of someone whose life experiences a HUGE shift once she accepts Christ I laughed than 90% of the way through the story of a romance novelist who has to reconcile her life thus far with the one ahead Along the way, you meet a plethora of characters who enrich the story in

  4. Melinda Freeland Melinda Freeland says:

    Hi lari ous So for real and relatable And romantically too cute Turner s unique voice will appeal to all If you want to read an excellent Christian Rom Com this is the novel for you It has been quite a while since I read a book that not only made me laugh out loud, but laugh out loud multiple, multiple times Turner s wit started in the very first pages of this novel, and she was like the Energi

  5. reviewsbyerin reviewsbyerin says:

    Stories about writers will always be interesting to other writers, so I was excited to check out this 2017 release by Bethany Turner It s the tale of Sarah, who used to write graphic and steamy romance novels, and how her conversion to Christianity caused her to leave behind her tawdry past and start a new life as an author of clean Christian fiction She faces a lot of challenges along the way, inclu

  6. Jennifer Purcell Jennifer Purcell says:

    Let me start with a disclaimer first If you do not like to read novels that discuss sex, this isn t for you I m not talking sex scenes or inappropriate language I m talking about the Christian view of what sex is and when it s appropriate Marriage, just in case you were wondering where I m going with this Sarah Hollenbeck accepts Christ as her Savior and begins to reevaluate her life After forming a career

  7. Janine R Janine R says:

    It s hard to miss all the awards and nominations this book has gained since its release The hype and Bethany Turner s engaging social media presence led me to buy this book I was NOT disappointed From page 1, I was hooked It was everything I didn t expect to find in a Christian book I love Christian fiction, but I also applaud Ms Turner for breaking the mold with this story.Sarah, at first, comes across as unlik

  8. Richard Spillman Richard Spillman says:

    Someone once said, I am a reader, not because I don t have a life, but because I choose to have many Hence I read I read all sorts of genres Never was I so glad that I did then when I read The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck because in it I discovered a delightful life and I so enjoyed the experience Bethany Turner s book is a Christian romance with lots of humor It was just the book to read after I had finished a dar

  9. Chanel M. Chanel M. says:

    The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck is an engaging debut with an original premise, likeable characters and undeniable charm The voice in this book is amazing it s distinctive, witty and funny I was easily pulled into the story and entertained throughout The personalities of the key characters Sarah, Ben and Piper shine through and attribute to so much hilarity and heart throughout the story they are likeable and relatable y

  10. LoveBooks LoveBooks says:

    This was a different book It took me awhile to get into it I had a hard time connecting to the main character It eventually pulled me in and I ended up liking it It was very unique and different and I just wondered what in the world the author was trying to do When everything came together it created a very good story with depth then I thought this book could do It had a great end and some nice teachable moments I would not put

  11. Nicole Cook Nicole Cook says:

    Bethany Turner s debut novel The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck is such a fun romantic comedy that readers will love This is unlike any Christian fiction novel that I have read before She explores the messy, real life issues that Christian couples face and aren t often discussed in other Christian fiction books She is not afraid to push the boundaries in her writing, and I love her honest portrayal of the difficulties and temptations

  12. readwritegrow readwritegrow says:

    I wish I could rate the first 1 4 of the book and then the last 3 4 The first part would probably just be 4 stars for me It felt choppy and didn t have the allure that I had hoped for It was like the storyline was developing into something I liked but the actual writing just wasn t great But then the book kept going and The writing got fluid, the characters developed, and I couldn t put the dang thing down I m sneaking away from my family

  13. Patricia Bradley Patricia Bradley says:

    In the first few pages of The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck, I didn t really like Sarah, but then I realized why She s just like me I can t remember people s names and I connect them in my mind to something odd or different about them As I read on, I saw her pain, but loved the way Bethany Turner used humor to draw her out.This is a book about 2nd chances and lost love and redemption I loved Piper, who told her like it is Everyone needs a Piper

  14. Super G - Freelancer and Adventurer Super G - Freelancer and Adventurer says:

    I did not like this book at all It was over dramatic and the characters were ridiculous The story centers around a millionaire who is the author of bestselling smut novels and her widowed pastor boyfriend But instead of reading about how the relationship was redemptive for each, I felt like I was reading about two people in junior high sharing their first crush Most of the time it was just silly If you want to read something where you can get really inv

  15. Emily F Emily F says:

    The premise intrigued me an author who wrote adult content finds Christ and deals with turning her life around And who can forget the hunky pastor This book was a fun adventure, Sarah really grew and stretched throughout the book I really appreciated the flaws of the characters, they weren t perfect, but they trusted in God and each other This was a sweet and clean read, but dealt with adult topics, like infidelity, and sex not explicit I d rate it PG 13 for

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