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Sienna & Jacob (A Bioexpa Match Book 1) (English Edition) Sienna S His Sisters Best Friend Siennas Been Awaiting Her Perfect Mate Since She Signed Up With Bioexpa At The Age Of Eighteen Shes Thrilled When Shes Paired With Jakob Theres Only One Problem Jakobs In Love With Another Woman Jakob Only Signed Up With Bioexpa To Make His Girlfriend Ella Happy When He Returns To His Hometown, Its With The Intention Of Settling Down With Ella But Then Hes Matched With Sienna Through Bioexpa And His Plans Fall Apart Hes Not One To Ever Break A Promise, But He Cant Deny The Pull He Feels Towards Sienna This was a slow read, I put it down and came back to it and finished it because I really wanted to like this one I loved the concept a scifi romance that I could see becoming a reality I mean the divorce rate is so high right now and I could see humans in the future wanting science to help them make a match, the author is upping the anty on dating sites Truly creative and I bought into the concept But OMG the hero was a punk who did not know what he wanted, he dragged his feet and kind of just let life happen to him So not romantic, his sister had balls than him The heroine was a cool chick, really likeable she truly deserved better than the hero but he was the dude she wanted which is the only reason I was glad she got him. The year is 2100 and marriage is no longer a random match of two hearts who meet and fall in love, No marriage is now a match made by a system called Bioexpa and to marry w o being matched is taboo Jakob has plans to marry his girlfriend Ella, but she refuses unless he registers with Biopexa so they can be matched So Jakob registers and he is matched but not with Ella, he is matched with his sisters best friend Sienna.Ella is furious but Jakob vows to stand by her and make their relationship work, but he finds he is also attracted to his new wife Sienna has had a crush on Jakob since she was a teen but has never acted on it, so she very surprised when she is matched with him.Knowing he has a girlfriend she put her feelings aside and decides to not stand in the way of Jakob and his plans to leave her and marry Ella, but when Ella decides to leave Jakob will they try and make a go with there marriage.I really wanted to like this book, the concept and premise I thought would make for a great read, however it kind of fell flat for me I didn t feel any connection to Sienna and Jakob, It just seemed like they where matched and feel in love rather quickly.I believe this could have been a great read had there been development of the relationship between Sienna and Jakob, and the whole Ella situation was a mess and a half, how are you set to marry your girlfriend then all of a sudden you can t stand her It was a lot All in all it was ok I am so digging this series It s like match.com on acid Can you imagine signing up with a company who guarantees you a 99.9% love match Sign me up This story is futuristic without it feeling like you re reading about aliens on the planet Voltron or something.There s a new way of finding a love match, and the way it s done is wild as hellBook 1 is Jakob and Sienna s story Jakob already has a girlfriend who convinces him to register with Bioexpa so that they can be formally matched and married Well, it don t quite work that way cause ol girl was not Jakob s match It was his sister s BFF Sienna Welp Sienna s been crushing on Jakob since she was a teenager, so this was literally a match made in heaven for her The only obstacle that stank girlfriend of Jakob Click it up to find out what happens This is my review and how I see it In Sienna Jakob, author Thayer King tells us the story of Sienna and Jakob.Sienna Jakob s little sister s best friend, business partner, and neighbor She has signed up for Bioexpa Data Match to find a husband Not to mention that she has a long standing crush on Jakob, but he is taken.Jakob only signed up for Bioexpa Data Match at the assistance of his girlfriend Ella and he has his reservations about signing up.Well, things take an interesting turn at a family gathering when two Bioexpa drones show up and marry Sienna and Jakob Jakob is torn between his desire for Sienna and his promise to Ella Whom will Jakob choose This book is for anyone who loves a story with an unexpected match up.This is my review and how I see it.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Sienna & Jacob (A Bioexpa Match Book 1) (English Edition) book, this is one of the most wanted Thayer King author readers around the world.

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