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Sky Shamans Of Mongolia: Meetings with Remarkable Healers [Idioma Inglés] Part Travelogue, Part Experiential Spiritual Memoir, Kevin Turner Takes Us To Visit With Authentic Shamans In The Steppes And Urban Centers Of Modern Day Mongolia Along The Way, The Author, A Practicing Shaman Himself, Tells Of Spontaneous Medical Diagnoses, All Night Shamanic Ceremonies, And Miraculous Healings, All Welling From A Rich Culture In Which Divination, Soul Retrieval, And Spirit Depossession Are A Part Of Everyday Life Shamanism, Described In The S By Mircea Eliade As Archaic Techniques Of Ecstasy, Is Alive And Well In Mongolia As A Means Of Accessing Nonordinary Realities And The Spirit World After Centuries Of Suppression By Buddhist And Then Communist Political Powers, It Is Exploding In Popularity In Mongolia Turner Gives Compelling Accounts Of Healings And Rituals He Witnesses Among Darkhad, Buryat, And Khalkh Shamans, And Goes On To Provide Us With His Insights Into A Universal Shamanism, Principles That Lie At The Heart Of Shamanic Traditions Worldwide This Astounding, Inspiring Book Will Appeal To Shamans And Shamanic Therapists, Students Of Mongolian Culture And Comparative Religion, And Fans Of Off Grid Travel Memoirs NOTA El Libro No Est En Espa Ol, Sino En Ingl S

6 thoughts on “Sky Shamans Of Mongolia: Meetings with Remarkable Healers [Idioma Inglés]

  1. Ana Maria Diez Pascual Ana Maria Diez Pascual says:

    This book reports a serious research work on Mongolian shamanism by a practitioner researcher with long and validated experience in core shamanism In addition, the author Kevin Turner provides some personal viewpoints on shamanism

  2. Isao Kato Isao Kato says:

    There are books about indigenous shamanism written by scholars who do not have a first hand experience on the non physical reality the shamans are experiencing, and there are books written by shamans themselves who might not have an objecti

  3. Tim flynn Tim flynn says:

    What a delight to read this book, one that both highlights the extraordinary renaissance of shamanism in Mongolia , as well as nourishing the authentic emergence of shamanic practice in the West What a treasure One wonders if greater forcers were not

  4. demi peterson demi peterson says:

    I loved everything about this book Clear, concise, informative, scholarly and it held my attention all the way through I didn t want to put it down and I was sad when I reached the end I especially appreciated how the author did not veer off into self indulgen

  5. Cat Wheeler Cat Wheeler says:

    This is an excellent and insightful book about an obscure community of traditional practitioners whose rituals were suppressed and almost lost during the Communist occupation The author, himself a practicing shaman, was able to win the trust of several senior shamans an

  6. Joe Gaallenberger Joe Gaallenberger says:

    I have just finished Sky Shamans and found it to be very well written and unique in that it is an insider account given Kevin is a shaman and yet he also has a broader vision encompassing many world shaman traditions as well as the perspective of current neuroscience There are al

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