Ebook ➦ Snowboard Cross (Extreme Winter Sports Zone) (English Edition) Autor Darice Bailer – Andy-palmer.co.uk

Snowboard Cross (Extreme Winter Sports Zone) (English Edition) Each Book Begins With An Exciting Account Of A Medal Winning Race At A Recent Winter X Games Or Winter Olympics Ensuing Chapters Cover The History Of The Featured Activity And How It Has Evolved Into Top Level, International Competition The Well Chosen Photos Are Eye Catching Action Shots, Such As Images Of Skiers Doing Back Flips Or Snowmobile Riders Going Airborne Most Of These Sports Can Be Dangerous, And The Volumes Mention Stars Such As Ski Superpipe Athlete Sarah Burke, Who Died In As A Result Of A Fall During A Practice Run Overall, This Set Uses A Positive Tone And Conveys Enthusiasm For These Athletics, Emphasizing That Readers Can Practice Them While Keeping As Safe As Possible Thumbnail Sketches Of Innovators And Youthful Superstars Will Keep Young Readers Engaged School Library Journal, Series Made Simple JournalDid You Know That Snowboard Cross Athletes Can Race Almost Miles Kilometers Per Hour While Navigating Extremely Steep Slopes They Swerve Around Sharp Turns At High Speeds And Fly Through The Air Over Jumps Some Of The Fastest Snowboarders Compete In Races All Over The World Enter The Extreme Winter Sports Zone To Learn About The History, Gear, Moves, Competitions, And Top Athletes Connected To Snowboard Cross You Ll Discover How Racers Stay Ahead Of The Competition On Steep Slopes How Athletes Stay Safe On Sharp Turns And High Jumps Who The Most Famous Athletes In Snowboard Cross Are And How They Got Started Where You Can Practice And Find The Biggest, Most Dangerous Competitions Are You Into Sports Then Get In The Zone

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