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Stain (English Edition) After seeing the blurb for Stain on a friends page, I instantly pre ordered it and wasn t disappointed Well, maybe a teeny tiny bit which we will get to later This is my first Francette Phal book and if her others are like this, won t be my last She gives her readers characters you hate to love and one of my favorite things, two broken people finding each other The review will be as vague as the blurb, however dark romance readers, this is one to pick up.Secrets are dangerous to keep They rot you from the inside out AyleeThis is something Aylee as well as Maddox know too much about and as the story unfolded from the past to the present, it was getting harder and harder to figure out how these two were going to cross paths She s so innocent, quiet, shy and alone, while heisn t.I take the silence of her pain that feels too damn much like my own MaddoxHurt Pain Torture That is what runs through the minds of individuals whose trust has been obliterated like it has for Aylee and Maddox They see the world as an ugly, untrusting being that they are sick and tired of being a part of Finding one other soul to match theirs would be heaven, but trusting that soul is a total leap of fate.She s got neon yellow hazardous signs written all over her slim body clearly warning me to stay the fu k away and yet all I seem to be doing is stupidly running towards it MaddoxThey both feel it Fight it Then finally welcome it as best as they can Happiness is something neither one of them know anything about, so how can they actually ever be happy together I want him so deep mending the wound will be impossible He ll bring the shards and I ll provide the flesh, and we ll bleed the stains slicking our souls AyleeIt s in her beautiful, delicate hands that I put the ruins of my heart MaddoxI loved Francette Phal s writing style So descriptive and hauntingly beautiful The story is well written in dual points of view from the past to the present, so we get the full effect of what Maddox and Aylee have been dealing with for years At the end I wasn t too sure what to think While a clever ending and I would have been happy with it after the story I was given, honestly, I m glad we are getting a little bit of these two in early2016. 4.5 starsThis book covers some horribly sad but realistic and terrible events that happen in real life Both of the main characters have been mentally, physically and sexually assaulted by a parent who was supposed to protect them Both are closed off Aylee is a quiet and shy girl who lives with her foster parents Her dad s a cop and you d never imagine what happens to her behind closed doors Maddox and his twin brother Noah lived their nightmare when they were younger Now Noah has been adopted by a quieter family and Maddox lives with a drug dealing foster father He s tough and tattooed and his past effects everything he does He s surprised when he realizes that he has a soft spot for Aylee.I felt so much heartache and pain for both of these characters and the lives they ended up with They were separate lives but so similar and it helped to tighten the connection that Maddox and Aylee felt for one another Without knowing it, they were who each other needed.It ends at a good place, but the author left a note that we d get a novella in early 2016 I have my fingers crossed that it will only have happy for these two They deserve it Standalone Novel For Pre Order Only Price Will Go Up To After Release You Re Like The Sunand I M The Stupid Moon Always Chasing After YouI Didn T Know It Was Possible To Fall So Deeply Into Someone To Drown So Strongly Into Their Bottomless Depths Coming Up For Air Was Unfathomable Until He Comes Along, With His Sun Hot Radiance, And Eclipses The Candle That Is Me He S Lucifer Before The Fall, Beautiful But The Devil Is In The Way He Looks At Me In The Way His Touch Brands His Name Across Every Inch Of My Skin His Kisses Possess My Soul In The Most Sinful Of Ways Maddox Moore Is My Beginning And My End Protector, Friend, And Loverhe S Become My Sole Religion At His Side I Become Fearless, In His Arms I Burn To Cinders, And In Worshiping Him I Lose Myself And Discover The Person He Sees In Me But Nothing Is Forever Moments Are Ephemeral No Matter How Much You Want Something Life Inevitably Reminds You That You Can T Have It I M Damaged He S Broken We Re Both Covered In Stains Stains That Make It Impossible For Us To Hold Onto Each OtherTURE AUDIENCES ONLY

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Stain (English Edition) book, this is one of the most wanted Francette Phal author readers around the world.

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