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Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies (English Edition) eBook: Nick Bostrom: Tienda Kindle Hay que ponerle inter s por tratarse de un tema complejo pero te recompensa con ideas y conceptos extremadamente interesantes y profundos. I Highly Recommend This Book Bill Gates Nick Bostrom Makes A Persuasive Case That The Future Impact Of AI Is Perhaps The Most Important Issue The Human Race Has Ever Faced Instead Of Passively Drifting, We Need To Steer A Course Superintelligence Charts The Submerged Rocks Of The Future With Unprecedented Detail It Marks The Beginning Of A New Era Stuart Russell, Professor Of Computer Science, University Of California, Berkley Those Disposed To Dismiss An AI Takeover As Science Fiction May Think Again After Reading This Original And Well Argued Book Martin Rees, Past President, Royal Society This Superb Analysis By One Of The Worlds Clearest Thinkers Tackles One Of Humanitys Greatest Challenges If Future Superhuman Artificial Intelligence Becomes The Biggest Event In Human History, Then How Can We Ensure That It Doesnt Become The Last Max Tegmark, Professor Of Physics, MIT Terribly Important Groundbreaking Extraordinary Sagacity And Clarity, Enabling Him To Combine His Wide Ranging Knowledge Over An Impressively Broad Spectrum Of Disciplines Engineering, Natural Sciences, Medicine, Social Sciences And Philosophy Into A Comprehensible Whole If This Book Gets The Reception That It Deserves, It May Turn Out The Most Important Alarm Bell Since Rachel Carson S Silent Spring From , Or Ever Olle Haggstrom, Professor Of Mathematical Statistics Valuable The Implications Of Introducing A Second Intelligent Species Onto Earth Are Far Reaching Enough To Deserve Hard Thinking The Economist There Is No Doubting The Force Of Bostrom S Arguments The Problem Is A Research Challenge Worthy Of The Next Generations Best Mathematical Talent Human Civilisation Is At Stake Financial Times Worth Reading We Need To Be Super Careful With AI Potentially Dangerous Than Nukes Elon Musk, Founder Of SpaceX And Tesla A Damn Hard Read Sunday Telegraph Every Intelligent Person Should Read It Nils Nilsson, Artificial Intelligence Pioneer, Stanford UniversityThe Human Brain Has Some Capabilities That The Brains Of Other Animals Lack It Is To These Distinctive Capabilities That Our Species Owes Its Dominant Position Other Animals Have Stronger Muscles Or Sharper Claws, But We Have Cleverer BrainsIf Machine Brains One Day Come To Surpass Human Brains In General Intelligence, Then This New Superintelligence Could Become Very Powerful As The Fate Of The Gorillas Now Depends On Us Humans Than On The Gorillas Themselves, So The Fate Of Our Species Then Would Come To Depend On The Actions Of The Machine SuperintelligenceBut We Have One Advantage We Get To Make The First Move Will It Be Possible To Construct A Seed AI Or Otherwise To Engineer Initial Conditions So As To Make An Intelligence Explosion Survivable How Could One Achieve A Controlled Detonation To Get Closer To An Answer To This Question, We Must Make Our Way Through A Fascinating Landscape Of Topics And Considerations Read The Book And Learn About Oracles, Genies, Singletons About Boxing Methods, Tripwires, And Mind Crime About Humanity S Cosmic Endowment And Differential Technological Development Indirect Normativity, Instrumental Convergence, Whole Brain Emulation And Technology Couplings Malthusian Economics And Dystopian Evolution Artificial Intelligence, And Biologicalcognitive Enhancement, And Collective IntelligenceThis Profoundly Ambitious And Original Book Picks Its Way Carefully Through A Vast Tract Of Forbiddingly Difficult Intellectual Terrain Yet The Writing Is So Lucid That It Somehow Makes It All Seem Easy After An Utterly Engrossing Journey That Takes Us To The Frontiers Of Thinking About The Human Condition And The Future Of Intelligent Life, We Find In Nick Bostrom S Work Nothing Less Than A Reconceptualization Of The Essential Task Of Our Time Aun no lo he terminado pero cumple las expectativas por las criticas que hab a leido Aporta un interesante enfoque del tema. Brillante, escrito de forma excelsa, e interesant simo No entiendo a los que escriben que les pareci pesado A mi me pareci todo lo contrario, probablemente porque me fascina el tema. This is an important and in depthe treatment of the problems looming in Artificial Intelligence The writing style makes for difficult reading but it s worth the effort My only reservation is that it does not consider the possibility that AI and robotics could spell the end of money On the other hand, the author raises other very interesting questions. No puedo decir que sea un mal libro, pero tampoco que es un libro agradable de leer, es un libro que siendo tan recomendado acaba siendo como una obligaci n, de la que te das cuenta quieres escapar, antes que mas tarde Esperando hasta el ultimo momento si la raz n por las artas alabanzas que recibe est n por llegar..y por llegaras todos su cap tulos pasan con mas pena que gloria Reutilizando ideas de cap tulos anteriores para sustentar la de los venideros, diluyendo su mensaje, es un libro que engorda a cada p gina que giras, y cada vez es mas tedioso El lenguaje es sin duda un ejercicio de complejidad, probablemente una vez llegue la superinteligencia le pedir al AI que me interprete el libro, el gran despliegue del lenguaje por parte del autor no hace de este libro algo mas iluminador, si no algo mas cegador Si no somos todos parte de la comuna humana simulada que predice Bostrom, y el echo de que se vaya la luz se acabe considerando un genocidio sin precedentes, se podr a resumir el libro con varia pel culas de ciencia ficci n, muchas que le preceden 2001 space oddissey, Demon Seed terminator, The Martrix, Transcendence, ex machina, etc.Resumiendo, esperemos que el AI que creemos sea mas parecido a la Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, un AI Oraculo benigno, que a Skynet un singleton soberano, y sea cual sea, que los buenos lleguen primero.A los lectores futuribles, leer bajo vuestro propio riesgo, yo no volver a a hacerlo, pero lo digo una vez ya lo he le do.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies (English Edition) eBook: Nick Bostrom: Tienda Kindle book, this is one of the most wanted Nick Bostrom author readers around the world.

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