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Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies The Human Brain Has Some Capabilities That The Brains Of Other Animals Lack It Is To These Distinctive Capabilities That Our Species Owes Its Dominant Position Other Animals Have Stronger Muscles Or Sharper Claws, But We Have Cleverer Brains If Machine Brains One Day Come To Surpass Human Brains In General Intelligence, Then This New Superintelligence Could Become Very Powerful As The Fate Of The Gorillas Now Depends On Us Humans Than On The Gorillas Themselves, So The Fate Of Our Species Then Would Come To Depend On The Actions Of The Machine Superintelligence But We Have One Advantage We Get To Make The First Move Will It Be Possible To Construct A Seed AI Or Otherwise To Engineer Initial Conditions So As To Make An Intelligence Explosion Survivable How Could One Achieve A Controlled Detonation To Get Closer To An Answer To This Question, We Must Make Our Way Through A Fascinating Landscape Of Topics And Considerations Read The Book And Learn About Oracles, Genies, Singletons About Boxing Methods, Tripwires, And Mind Crime About Humanity S Cosmic Endowment And Differential Technological Development Indirect Normativity, Instrumental Convergence, Whole Brain Emulation And Technology Couplings Malthusian Economics And Dystopian Evolution Artificial Intelligence, And Biological Cognitive Enhancement, And Collective Intelligence This Profoundly Ambitious And Original Book Picks Its Way Carefully Through A Vast Tract Of Forbiddingly Difficult Intellectual Terrain Yet The Writing Is So Lucid That It Somehow Makes It All Seem Easy After An Utterly Engrossing Journey That Takes Us To The Frontiers Of Thinking About The Human Condition And The Future Of Intelligent Life, We Find In Nick Bostrom S Work Nothing Less Than A Reconceptualization Of The Essential Task Of Our Time

6 thoughts on “Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies

  1. Daniel Garcia Daniel Garcia says:

    Un libro interesante sobre un futuro con seres superinteligentes El libro est pensado para lectores familiarizados con Inteligencia Artificial, Computaci n y machine learning La lectura es a veces un tanto pesada por el exceso de repetici n, el uso de buzzwords y lo que Steve Pinker llama academese lenguage acad mico Tampoco me ha gustado que va

  2. Graham H. Graham H. says:

    This is an important and in depthe treatment of the problems looming in Artificial Intelligence The writing style makes for difficult reading but it s worth the effort My only reservation is that it does not consider the possibility that AI and robotics could spell the end of money On the other hand, the author raises other very interesting question

  3. joan joan says:

    No puedo decir que sea un mal libro, pero tampoco que es un libro agradable de leer, es un libro que siendo tan recomendado acaba siendo como una obligaci n, de la que te das cuenta quieres escapar, antes que mas tarde Esperando hasta el ultimo momento si la raz n por las artas alabanzas que recibe est n por llegar..y por llegaras todos su cap tulos pas

  4. aba aba says:

    Aun no lo he terminado pero cumple las expectativas por las criticas que hab a leido Aporta un interesante enfoque del tema.

  5. SamRiesgo SamRiesgo says:

    Hay que ponerle inter s por tratarse de un tema complejo pero te recompensa con ideas y conceptos extremadamente interesantes y profundos.

  6. Spencer Estrada Spencer Estrada says:

    Brillante, escrito de forma excelsa, e interesant simo No entiendo a los que escriben que les pareci pesado A mi me pareci todo lo contrario, probablemente porque me fascina el tema.

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