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Symmetry A Leading Mathematician Draws On Scientific Findings About The Role Of Symmetry In Understanding The Dynamic Relationship Between Objects, Tracing His Own Career While Exploring Such Topics As The Theory Of Fundamental Particles, The Role Of Symmetry In Evolutionary Biology, And The Discovery Of An Enormous Dimensional Space Snowflake Reprint. I read this book in 2 weeks, can t stop admiring the way the author managed to explain so many interesting modern math concepts in layman s terms Below are some astonishing math knowledge which worth the book price you pay for.1 Quintic Equation Both Abel and Galois proved the quintic equations have no radical solutions Abel proved No solution by reductio ad absurdum while Galois proved Why No with the beautiful Group Theory How could a 19 year old French boy thought of such grand math theory It was a shame he was not recognised by the grand mathematicians like Cauchy, Gauss, Fourier, etc He wrote the Group Theory down the night before his deadly duel and scribbled Je n ai pas le temps I have no time it took another 10 years for Group Theory to be rediscoverd by Prof Liouville of the Ecole Polytechniques whose ignorant examiners ironically failed Galois twice in Entrance Concours Exams.2 Moonshine Monster Group dimensions dj relationship with Fourier expansion of coefficients cj in Modular Function page 333 x 1 744 196,884x 21,493,760 x 2 864,229,970x 3 cn c1 c2 cn 1 dnwhere d1 196,883d2 21,296,876d3 842,609,326and c1 1 d1 196,884c2 c1 d2 21,493,760c3 c1 c2 d3 864,229,970What a coincidence no wonder Conway said this discovery was the most exciting event in his life.3 Atlas of Finite Group the book covered the insider story of the 5 Cambridge mathematicians led by Conway, in an attempt to create the Periodic Table of Group s building blocks Monster Group is the last one.3 Icosahedron symmetry 20 sided polygon of triangular faces this is the way viruses trick our body cells to reproduce for them, by this deadly icosaherdon beauty In nature, bees are tricked by flowers symmetry In human, we are tricked by opposite sex s body symmetry 4 Arche de la Defense Paris a Hypercube architecture cube of 4 dimensions , shows us we can visualize 4 dimension objects in our 3 dimension world.5 Chap 7 Revolution compared the Anglo Saxon and French Math culture Anglo saxon temperament tend towards the nitty gritty, revelling in strange examples and anomalis The French, in contrast, love grand abstract theories and are masters at inventing language to articulate new and difficult structures I agreed, having been taught in anglo saxon UK, USA math before entering into French Grande Ecole Engineering University , I found great difficulty to compete with French classmates in abstract math, but beat them in applied math by my high school anglo saxon math training You notice France has never won IMO Math Olympiad Championship like USA, China do, but France invented most of the modern algebra and modern analysis.Conclusion This book is a grand tour of the most exciting modern math Group Theory For all math students who hate reading the boring abstract modern math textbooks, you will be hooked by the underlying beauty of modern math after reading du Sautoy s Symmetry.Bon Courage Du Sautoy takes us us to a trip where the world of symmetry appears in Persian carpets, churchbells, Bach Golberg Variations, DNA sequences, RNA viruses invasions, and secret codes.When Phil Anderson, a Nobel laureate, said that physics is basically the study of symmetry, he was actually modest Symmetry is not only out there in nature, but in our brain too Mirror neurons in the brain, allow us to empathize, to understand other people feelings by becoming symmetric with them.This is not a book about the mathematics of symmetry, but about the symmetry in mathematics, mind, arts and nature.For doing this in an engaging way, Marcus du Sautoy deserves to be widely read. Explains the mathematical notion of symmetry and the crazy cast of men who work in this area Mixed in with the author s own story Highly entertaining at times Always educational. excellent book for people interested in math. I love books about Mathematics, and I loved du Sautoy sThe Music of the Primes Searching to Solve the Greatest Mystery in Mathematics P.S , so I thought this would be a great book However, it is a mix of personal thoughts on the subject and lessons about the history of the quest for symmetry, and because of that it can get a little hard to follow the book I am often asking myself what is the author s point That said, it is not an excellent book, but it is indeed very interesting. I love this book because it focuses on simmetry groups giving examples of the Alhambra and other great places around the world.This is not an in depth book about simmetry, it is an informative book, easy to read and very entertaining.

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