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Tease (English Edition) Will Challenge Readers While Drawing Them To A Very Recognisable World Bookbag Get Ready To Challenge Your Perceptions Bliss This Realistic, Complex Story Doesn T Attempt To Treat Its Subject Matter As A Black And White Issue, And Is All The Better For It School Librarian Beautifully Written CarouselEmma Putnam Is Dead, And It S All Sara Wharton S FaultAt Least, That S What Everyone Seems To Think When Sara, Along With Her Best Friend And Three Other Classmates, Has Been Criminally Charged For The Bullying And Harassment That Led To Emma S Shocking Suicide Now Sara Is The One Who S Ostracized, Already Guilty According To Her Peers, The Community And The MediaBut Sara Is Sure She Hasn T Done Anything Wrong Emma Brought It On Herself Emma Stole Sara S Boyfriend Emma Stole Everyone S Boyfriends Surely Sara Was The Victim, Not EmmaDuring The Summer Before Her Senior Year Sara Is Forced To Reflect On The Events That Brought Her To This Moment And Ultimately Consider Her Role In An Undeniable Tragedy And She Ll Have To Find A Way To Move Forward, Even When It Feels Like Her Own Life Is OverA Story Of Everyday Jealousies And Resentments, Misunderstandings And Desires, Tease Is A Thought Provoking Must Read That Will Haunt Readers Long After The Last Page I find myself at a loss for words when reviewing this book because it is extremely unconventional The subject matter of bullying is the main theme of this book of course, but rather than focusing on how the victim feels and lives through the torment, we are taken into the mind of the teenage bully herself, Sara This is very clever on the authors part however, readers are going to find it very hard to relate and connect with the character simply because it was her actions along with her friends that lead to the suicide of a classmate whose name is Emma There were many points in this book where I shook my head and even moments when I wanted to stop reading it because Sara is such an unlikeable character, but I kept reading anyway to see where everything would go Was I disappointed Yes and no Yes because I felt like the ending was kind of a letdown I wanted justice than what was served and no because it was so interesting to be able to get into the mind of the tormentor which is rarely done in any books and see how and why things progressed as they did.With that being said, this book really does a great job at diving into the minds of teenagers Sure, many of us were not bullies in high school, but seeing the driving force behind everything in this novel made sense for the age Adolescence after all, is a really hard time for many people, and when someone is stealing your boyfriend and screwing with your clique you are bound to do something unimaginable Right In high school, this is common Everything seems grandiose and life threatening at this age, and the author does a wonderful job of bringing this to life Just be aware that if you do read this book that there is a lot of slut shaming and nastiness that will ooze from these characters It may not be pretty, but think back to high school I am sure some of you will remember exactly what that was like and how teenagers acted and ran off their mouths whether it be true or not The author doesn t seem to be condoning this behavior but she sure writes it as if she lived it herself to and I commend her for that.Overall, this is not an easy read and I am sure you will either love it or hate it There really is no in between But, because I am a reviewer I wanted to make sure that I understood the point of the story and where the author was going when she wrote it, so I remained partial to the story until I could come to grips with what I was reading Now, for me this could have been a 5 star review because of its uniqueness and the message the author was portraying, but because the characters came off a little dry and immature yes, I know this is normal for the age I had to go down a star But believe me when I say this, the story is very good ESPECIALLY because it s so unlikable This may not make sense to you, but when you read it you will know what I mean. I knew this book was going to be hard for me as I tend to see everything from the perspective of those being picked on I also think social media in this day and age is being used to turn bullying into outright harassment in the schools magnifying situations an aspect of which plays out in this book I mean what fun is calling someone a name when you can do it on Twitter and get the whole school involved right I was right about the books emotional impact on me I did not like Sara, the narrator and one of the kids accused of basically bullying this girl Emma into committing suicide The book does a good job and the writing is very good at getting in the heads of the main character You cringe when she s describing the things that they did and you want to slap her when she s making excuses, even though you understand and recognize the typically childish reasons she s doing what she s the end I wound up in tears crying not just for Emma but for Sara as well and all the stupid childish mistakes that ended one life and seriously messed up the lives of the bullies I would give this to high school students and read it with them to see what they can take from it I would hope it would be a listen in understanding or at the very least that actions can have horrible consequences even if you didn t intend them.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Tease (English Edition) book, this is one of the most wanted Amanda Maciel author readers around the world.

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