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Tell Me Something Real Three Sisters Struggle With The Bonds That Hold Their Family Together As They Face A Darkness Settling Over Their Lives In This Masterfully Written Debut NovelThere Are Three Beautiful Blond Babcock Sisters Gorgeous And Foul Mouthed Adrienne, Observant And Shy Vanessa, And The Youngest And Best Loved, Marie Their Mother Is Ill With Leukemia And The Girls Spend A Lot Of Time With Her At A Mexican Clinic Across The Border From Their San Diego Home So She Can Receive Alternative Treatments Vanessa Is The Middle Child, A Talented Pianist Who Is Trying To Hold Her Family Together Despite The Painful Loss That They All Know Is Inevitable As She And Her Sisters Navigate First Loves And College Dreams, They Are Completely Unaware That An Illness Far Insidious Than Cancer Poisons Their Home Their World Is About To Shatter Under The Weight Of An Incomprehensible Betrayal

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  1. jage jage says:

    Tell Me Something Real is the powerful story of the deep love and profound loss felt by the seemingly ideal Babcock family in 1970s California The story centers around Vanessa Babcock, a smart and likeable teenager with a gift for music She, along with her two sisters, struggle to balance their des

  2. Sharelle Moranville Sharelle Moranville says:

    This is a gorgeous book that sits facing out on my bookshelf And it is equally lush and gorgeous on the inside the prose, the storyline, the affection between the three sisters Perhaps it s because I m part of a three sister triangle that I was so taken by the similarity difference, affection tension, joy an

  3. Nahrin Powell Nahrin Powell says:

    Just Wow I don t want to give anything away because I would hate to take away from the experience of this story The book was just that A sensational experience I cannot recommend it enough I locked myself in my room for 5.5 hours, as I could not dog ear it and come back to it later The character development in each pa

  4. Glen W. Glen W. says:

    In the interest of full disclosure, I have known the author for years, so while reading the book started out as an act of friendship, it ended up being a real pleasure I was a kid in the 1970 s and the authenticity of the environment that Calla creates for the story to unfold in felt very comfortable and familiar to me The emot

  5. academics20193.se Customer academics20193.se Customer says:

    Devlin made me laugh out loud, and then some stuff was just so raw This family is ALIVE, even though some will live and some will die Hard truths and a whole lot of stuff that rings true Real dialogue Multifaceted characters, and I love the voice of the protagonist Devlin made me laugh out loud in some places, and my heart caught in my t

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