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The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game Here s what I like about Michael Lewis he is able to seamlessly interweave compelling personal stories within a larger context Before reading this book I d seen the movie, so I thought I knew what I was in store for a feel good story about a down and out kid with an extraordinary talent who also happens to find a family in an unexpected place.And of course this book has all of that minus a lot of the emotional elements that the film focused on But what made this book great was that it explained to me a football idiot what it was about this boy that made him so sought after in the football world, and how the evolution of the game of football to it s current incarnation had created a niche into which he was perfectly designed to fit.What I thought would be a moving story of one man s triumph in overcoming unbelievable adversity became even than that The writing was concise, clear, and at times humorous The big picture concepts and the technical details of the mechanics of the game were seamlessly interwoven with the personal story to create an incredibly detailed and rich overall mosaic. When We First Meet Him, Michael Oher Is One Of Thirteen Children By A Mother Addicted To Crack He Does Not Know His Real Name, His Father, His Birthday, Or How To Read Or Write He Takes Up Football, And School, After A Rich, White, Evangelical Family Plucks Him From The Streets Then Two Great Forces Alter Oher The Family S Love And The Evolution Of Professional Football Itself Into A Game Where The Quarterback Must Be Protected At Any Cost Our Protagonist Becomes The Priceless Package Of Size, Speed, And Agility Necessary To Guard The Quarterback S Greatest Vulnerability, His Blind Side This was a pretty good book for someone who hates football I was intrigued by the evolution of the game in the 70 s and 80 s as we were huge 49er fans then I had to google Michael Oher as his story ends in 2006 when he gets into Ole Miss I wanted to know what became of him Sadly he is now exhibiting signs of CTE after only 7 years in the NFL It s why I can no longer bear to watch football I can t help but wonder what his relationship with his benefactors has become, but I could find nothing about that Michael Lewis is an excellent writer He has taken a complex history and woven into it a fascinating account of human kindness. My favorite reading is a book that tells the story of real people, and The Blind Side relates an incredible, uplifting story of professional football player Michael Oher, who, through the help of a wealthy Memphis family and his unbelievable size and athletic ability, found a life he couldn t have imagined from his vantage point as a child in the Memphis ghetto I bought the book and read it after I saw the movie and a television interview with the real life Touhys Then, I bought a second copy as a gift I m not giving mine up Michael Lewis has used his considerable sportswriting background to tell the story in an easy narrative style It s true that the reader sees only glimpses of the back stories of the characters However, by focusing on events, Lewis has created a fast read as he quickly moves the story along I found the movie characters to be richly developed than those in the book Sandra Bullock is a deadringer for Leigh Anne Touhy and deserves the Oscar nomination she received Even Tim McGraw is developing as a passable actor I will add that for someone moi who does not know football strategy, that short part of the book was over my head though that problem was no fault of Michael Lewis s I will forever recognize the name Lawrence Taylor, however.One mark of a good book is that it leaves the reader wanting , and this one may be ripening for a sequel What has happened to the Touhys Did Leigh Anne get her wish for a building and a school for other promising athletes who can t cut it in public school What is Michael Oher doing with his millions What has happened to his mamma His 13 siblings I want to be on the waiting list for that sequel when Lewis thinks it s ready to be written I am already on the waiting list for the DVD of the movie I m a fan of Michael Lewis style but his books seem to follow a pattern entertaining opening and immediacy, engaging narrative, but don t quite deliver the goods with a slight fade at the end partly because I think he writes about phenomena as they happen This book s a good insight into the left tackle position I know Oher objected to the film, not sure how he feels about the book but I see he also has a memoir. algo desducidado pero es que me ha valido 1,40 euros me he ahorado mas de 15euros, segunadamno en libros es la caa a As a young adult and student athlete, this book resonates with me in so many levels The author s purpose is to not to tell a simple story about how a kid went from nothing to something because there are many stories out there like that He was trying to influence people that we all have something in us that can make change and we are capable of so much than we think The intended audience is everyone, but I mostly think it is to young adults, especially the marginalized It is easy to relate to mainly everyone because no matter what age, we all face things that seem to be impossible in the moment, but once we come out of it, we realize we are something far greater than ourselves It relates to my personal life because I overlook the fact that I am fortunate enough to have a gym at my house and I have the resources to get better, while others don t It motivates me on my school work because Michael was always in and out of school, and I am so blessed that I can go to a school everyday where the teachers want what is best for me In the media, we, as a society, try to shy away from stuff like this because we don t like seeing the bad side I think it is important for us to see this because then that is the only way change will happen I would really recommend this book to young adults of any age because there are lessons in the book that could inspire many at a young age The author has achieved his goal of using two situations in the NFL and in Michael Oher s case in order to show that it is possible to succeed, even when it sounds so unobtainable He uses two stories and parallels them to show that success can come from both ends of the spectrum I wish that he could have made the NFL part of the story easier to understand I am a pretty big football fan, so I could understand most of the terms, but for young adult readers or people not interested in football, it could be harder for them to connect with the book Though it can be hard, the author makes it a bit easier to understand by adding in the definition of plays The book is very useful because it motivated me to change something about myself and society Be prepared to grab some tissues during the middle of the book and ending because you ll become very moved by many of the things that happen It is easily accessible to parents, students, and teachers through or a local bookstore The two most interesting quotes that will stick with me are Don t worry where I am I ll tell you when I get there and Courage is a hard thing to figure You can have courage based on a dumb idea or mistake, but you re not supposed to question adults, or your coach or your teacher, because they make the rules Maybe they know best, but maybe they don t It all depends on who you are, where you come from Didn t at least one of the six hundred guys think about giving up, and joining with the other side I mean, valley of death that s pretty salty stuff That s why courage it s tricky Should you always do what others tell you to do Sometimes you might not even know why you re doing something I mean any fool can have courage But honor, that s the real reason for you either do something or you don t It s who you are and maybe who you want to be If you die trying for something important, then you have both honor and courage, and that s pretty good I think that s what the writer was saying, that you should hope for courage and try for honor And maybe even pray that the people telling you what to do have some, too They stick with me because as an athlete it is important to not only listen to other s stories, but use them to motivate myself Hard work and the courage to try new things are two key things that I have learned to use in my everyday life if I want to be successful Overall, this book is a story that I recommend to any and all people because of the learning experiences the author will bring you along.

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