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The Continuum Concept (Arkana) The Continuum Concept Introduces The Idea That In Order To Achieve Optimal Physical, Mental And Emotional Development, Human Beings Especially Babies Require The Kind Of Instinctive Nurturing As Practiced By Our Ancient Relatives It Is A True Back To Basics Approach To Parenting Author Jean Liedloff Spent Two And A Half Years In The Jungle Deep In The Heart Of South America Living With Indigenous Tribes And Was Astounded At How Differently Children Are Raised Outside The Western World She Came To The Realisation That Essential Child Rearing Techniques Such As Touch, Trust And Community Have Been Undermined In Modern Times, And In This Book Suggests Practical Ways To Regain Our Natural Well Being, For Our Children And Ourselves

About the Author: Jean Liedloff

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Continuum Concept (Arkana) book, this is one of the most wanted Jean Liedloff author readers around the world.

7 thoughts on “The Continuum Concept (Arkana)

  1. pino bethencourt pino bethencourt says:

    Very repetitive around general ideas The civilized baby s experience is exaggerated and doesn t seem to incorporate freeze trauma response which would numb negative sensations.The core principle of rearing children in arms and descriptions of Yequana behavior are the best part of the book The rest seems a bit theoretical and the tone is slightly accusatory throughout the book.

  2. Zendidier Zendidier says:

    very interresting concept

  3. Micah Micah says:

    I have read this book at least three times, and have bought this book for friends at least a few times as well I really love it Even though you can tell at times that it was written in another era, the main story and message is really really cool.I was very worried about being a mom when I was pregnant with my little girl Everything I had seen about motherhood looked so commercial and high tech,

  4. John B. Campise John B. Campise says:

    Describes the cause of all modern unhappiness Do you believe that humans are naturally evil and miserable This book disproves that theory Humans are naturally kind, cooperative, and happy But you can make humans into evil miserable people.Everything related to society that you encounter in the world is easily understood once you understand the content of this book.

  5. Leslie P. Leslie P. says:

    This is like the 20th copy of this book I have bought I give it away to friends who are expecting babies, and tell them that if they read this book, they will never have to buy another book on raising children It is THAT good In the 90 s, I did phone consultations with Jean Liedloff about parenting, and when I returned to California, met with her on her houseboat in Sausalito She was a dynamic, interesting, ecc

  6. LDL LDL says:

    I received this book while I was pregnant, in 1992 and it absolutely opened my eyes to the wisdom of other cultures and childrearing practices that help us become positive shapers of our children s behavior, and less like protective police Our western culture, I believe, has erred recently on the side of managing too much on behalf of our children, which tends to show up as dependent, unable to take adult responsibili

  7. Pookie Pookie says:

    Yay A book about the truth of baby care and how crucial it is to their emotional, spiritual and mental well being Unlike anything out there, and I m grateful to have the privilege of reading it It is my baby bible Prouder than ever of my 9 month old s milestones of emotional health, it s just not always easy to do living in western culture where there is not many ppl around to play with her and help me But i like how she looks

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