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The Cruel Prince (The Folk of the Air) (English Edition) Implacable logic, twisted politics, a cruel fantastic world I loved the characters even as I suffered for them A non stop plot will keep you reading till the end, and then ask for Fantasy at its best. Did I just read the same book that everyone else did If I had to describe this book with one word, I would keep it simple and just say bad But, in bold and all caps BAD And underlined.I wasn t super drawn to this book from the summary, but it had glowing reviews so I was pretty excited to read it That excitement quickly turned into annoyance and sometimes rage First, this book is told in first person, present tense narrative Now, I love first person narrative, but I m a little picky about narratives in the present tense I think it takes a skilled writer to pull it off, otherwise the narrative falls completely flat I want to feel like I m inside the protagonist s head, living the story with them Instead, this book reads like a choppy diary all of the present tense words are used, but I still felt like I was being told the story in past tense This even becomes blatantly obvious in chapter 6, when Jude, our protagonist, says I ve told this story all wrong I also felt that this book was incredibly juvenile Yes it is YA, but our 17 year old protagonist acts talks like she is 12 I maybe would have chalked that up to her background she s spirited away to faerie land or whatever the heck it s called we re told but I instantly forgot with her sisters when she is 7, and raised by her parent s killer in a foreign land with foreign creatures, so maybe she didn t mature like she would have if she had remained in the human world However, ALL of the characters in this book act extremely childish, especially the faeries We re told that they re ancient and immortal and beautiful and fanciful, but they re portrayed so awkwardly that they come across as powerful children I use quotes because there s like, zero exciting magic in this book Which brings me to the characters none of which are likable Especially our protagonist Jude She s whiny, awkward, and flat out stupid a lot of the time She s constantly trying to convince us herself that she just wants to become powerful than the faeries she hates because then she can finally beat them because they re horrible creatures, but then she also pines away to be EXACTLY like them.At one point, our antagonist Cardan, one of the faerie princes who is especially awful to her he even kicks dirt onto her food and then tells her to eat it gaspTo which she replies, Make me It was an especially harrowing encounter anyway, at one point he s finally telling her all of the reasons why he hates her, and he says, Most of all, I hate you because I think of you Often It s disgusting and I can t stop And I s t you not, Jude, our bad ss who supposedly hates him but wants to be just like him, is so shocked by this turn of events that she kisses him And she another gasp LIKES it.Wtf Is this romance in faerie land Because I ll pass, k thx.As for Cardan, how old is he, anyway Seriously, I don t think we ever get even a hint at his age, just that he s the youngest of the immortal princes princesses Is he older than Jude Because they act like they re at the exact same maturity level, and he s supposedly far, far older than the poor, measly mortal.I think the only characters I could stand were prince Dain s three spies Ghost, Bomb, and something else and Vivi Actually, no, I wasn t super impressed with Vivi either, as she s one of the somewhat main characters and had zero development.Speaking of development, that brings me to another point the development of the faerie world is non existent Black gives us all of these pretty descriptions, but they re of extremely pointless things why do I need to know exactly what the seamstress whose name we were given but I immediately forgot looks like Her feet are turned backward, giving her an odd gait Her eyes are like those of a goat, brown with a horizontal line of black just at the center She is wearing an example of her work, a woven dress with embroidered lines of thorns making a striped pattern down the length of it We never meet this person again, and I forgot everything about her instantly because I DIDN T CARE I m all for world depiction, but when you go this into detail about a seamstress or a servant, or a professor, or how Jude takes her tea along with a full description of the freaking cup she drinks it out of, etc and yet glaze over a main plot point such as the battle tournament that Jude won t shut up about the entire first half of the book like this All through the first battle, I fight defensively I avoid Cardan Nor do I come near Nicasia, Valerian, or Locke, even when Valerian knocks Fand to the dirt Even when Valerian rips down our deer hide Still, I do nothing Then we are called to the field for the second battle We re supposed to play at war When they call us to our places, I play I play as viciously as possible My practice sword cracks against Cardan s ridiculous chest plate My shoulder bangs against Valerian s shoulder so hard that he staggers back I attack again and again, knocking down anyone wearing a silver armband When the mock war is over, my eye is blackened and both of my knees are skinned and the gold side has won the second and third battles then, we ve got a problem This is how Black writes the entire book, and it s just plain irritating to read There are excursions to the human world that are completely pointless, and yet we still get a full description of how faeries handle periods when Jude buys tampons.Jude I know what you re wondering.No, Jude, you don t You really don t.Black s misplaced and excessive descriptions aren t the only issues I had with her writing, either I couldn t stand how 1 Jude s diary entries portrayed emotion expression etc, and 2 how Jude speaks thinks.Black grossly overuses adjectives and adverbs, and Jude frequently switches between very proper borderline medieval sounding English and slang, which makes it an incredibly awkward and jarring read.Examples A wave of panicky frustration comes over me at the sight of her intent expression What the H E double L does panicky frustration look like Taryn watches me intently, as though trying to warn me with her gaze Why is everyone staring so damn intently I have not yet become paranoid enough what They converse for a moment, then Taryn departs Cardan notices my noticing He sniffs, as though the very smell of me offends him I m noticing that this book sucks I am going to have to trust that he will keep his part of the bargain, but I mislike this kind of calculation The word is DISLIKE, quit trying so hard to sound so eloquent He looks a question at me, and I shake my head before I slump down in the grass HOW DO YOU LOOK A QUESTION, BLACK It shouldn t shock me that the Court of Faerie is corrupt and kind of gross No Jude, it shouldn t Basically, like everything about Faerie, geases are awesome, and also they suck Sucks, like this book I do not understand why he likes me, but it is exciting to be liked I could go on and on and I won t even begin to speculate on the answers to my other questions, questions like how can Jude and her sisters stand to live with their parents killer, and yet they break down emotionally at juvenile bullying Is faerie land in another dimension, or is in rolling human hills and in shadows of human buildings no I didn t make that up and everyone in faerie land is just really f ing small DO HUMANS KNOW ABOUT FAERIES OR NOT But instead, I ll just take a chapter from Jude s diary buck up, and stop feeling my feelings.I would say until next time, but I don t think I ll be reading any of Black s books any time soon, which pains me to admit because I rarely quit a series Even if the writing is bad, if the characters are captivating I ll hang in there, and vice versa Sadly, that s not the case here I ve read one book, and it was enough.Jude I have done the thing, and now I must live with what I have done.Me too, Jude, me too. I have read this book twice now and I enjoyed it just as much the second time despite knowing what was going to happen A truly riveting and engrossing read that I recommend 100%. There s a couple things you should realize about this book before deciding to read it 1 The reviews are a little over hyped I was looking for something to help me with my book withdrawal after finishing SJ Maas s trilogy This book kept showing up as a recommendation and I finally bit the bullet and downloaded a sample It didn t grasp my attention at the time and I didn t bother buying it, instead I read some other books in lieu of this one.Now, it s been a while since I downloaded the sample but my thoughts did go back to this book from time to time Something about it DID intrigue me.Now this brings me to point 2 The first half of the book isn t the greatest You will probably dislike all of the characters which is a major frustration You can definitely get into the feel of the world and stay there, a testament to the author s ability to good writing but the 3 sisters, Jude, Taryn, and Vivi feel like they have no personalities at all The author tries to convince us in a particular chapter that Jude has been through a lot and gives you a glimpse into the twisted way of faeries This is supposed to reinforce our thoughts that Jude is only a lowly pawn with a predestined life filled with misery and misfortune This is why she is dull and non responsive to her own feelings and thoughts.That wasn t completely supportive enough to justify how bland Jude was Her inner monologues were thoroughly lacking in regards to bringing the story to life.Once you hit the second part of the novel, that s when things begin to pick up the pace and the book becomes a true page turner It s as if someone else penned the second half of the novel Someone who breathes in life and vigor to the plot Jude becomes sharper, smarter, wittier I have some issues with that as she was not exactly like that during the first half of the novel And how she concocts a masterful plan and predicts the outcomes is a little above what I thought she was capable of within such a limited time of playing the Fae game.Certain elements and plots come to light It makes you abhor certain characters even and makes you want to find out what some characters are ultimately up to And some even manage to redeem themselves, although not entirely just yet There is a lot of potential here for the next novel and I am really looking forward to seeing what Cardan will do to Jude after what goes down at the end of the novel I also want to know what Locke s endgame is True to what he says earlier, he is indeed a trickster a very dirty one at that Will Jude also be punished for her crime of murder How will that literally be uncovered I primarily read adult novels and I do appreciate a good dollop of romance If this was an adult novel, I would be expecting quite a few feisty and interesting scenes between Cardan and his new master , Jude Sigh One can only wish.If you are on the fence about this novel but do enjoy YA novels with plot twists, conspiracy, and revenge then I would recommend this book to you Just do yourself a favor and give yourself time to get to the turning point in the novel I promise, it gets much intriguing. Praise For Tithe YALSA S Teen Top TenALA Best Book For Young AdultsNew York Public Library S Best Book For The Teenage Reader A Gripping ReadPublishers Weekly, Starred Review Jude, Who Struggles With A World She Both Loves And Hates And Would Rather Be Powerful And Safe Than Good, Is A Compelling Narrator Whatever A Reader Is Looking For Heart In Throat Action, Deadly Romance, Double Crossing, Moral Complexity This Is One Heck Of A RideBooklist, Starred ReviewI Require Book Two Immediately Holly Is The Faerie Queen Victoria Aveyard, Bestselling Author Of The Red Queen Series Another Fantastic, Deeply Engaging, And All Consuming Work From Black That Belongs On All YA ShelvesSchool Library Journal, Starred Review S PellbindingBreathtaking Set Pieces, Fully Developed Supporting Characters, And A Beguiling, Tough As Nails Heroine Enhance An Intricate, Intelligent Plot That Crescendos To A Jaw Dropping Third Act TwistPublishers Weekly, Starred ReviewThis Is A Heady Blend Of Faerie Lore, High Fantasy, And High School Drama, Dripping With Description That Brings The Dangerous But Tempting World Of Faerie To Life Black Is Building A Complex Mythology Now Is A Great Time To Tune InKirkus ReviewsWith Complicated Characters, A Suspenseful Plot, And A Successful Return To The Faerie Setting Of Many Of Her Popular Books, Black S Latest Is Sure To Enchant FansThe Horn BookLush, Dangerous, A Dark Jewel Of A Book Black S World Is Intoxicating, Imbued With A Relentless Sense Of Peril That Kept Me Riveted Through Every Chapter Of Jude S Journey And Jude She Is A Heroine To Love Brave But Pragmatic, Utterly Human This Delicious Story Will Seduce You And Leave You Desperate For Just One Page Leigh Bardugo, New York Times Bestselling Author Of Six Of Crows And Crooked KingdomAnother Enthralling Story In Black S Fantasy Catalog PASTEBlack Is A Master At World Building, Conveying Integral Details Without That Information Ever Seeming Tedious Or Encyclopedic, Whether You Re Well Versed In Faerie Or A Newcomer To The Genree Experience Of Reading A Novel Like This Is Something Like Being Surrounded By MagicThe New York Times Book ReviewLush, Dangerous, A Dark Jewel Of A Book Intoxicating Leigh Bardugo, New York Times Bestselling Author Of Six Of CrowsOf Course I Want To Be Like Them They Re Beautiful As Blades Forged In Some Divine Fire They Will Live ForeverAnd Cardan Is Even Beautiful Than The Rest I Hate Him Than All The Others I Hate Him So Much That Sometimes When I Look At Him, I Can Hardly BreatheOne Terrible Morning, Jude And Her Sisters See Their Parents Murdered In Front Of Them The Terrifying Assassin Abducts All Three Girls To The World Of Faerie, Where Jude Is Installed In The Royal Court But Mocked And Tormented By The Faerie Royalty For Being Mortal As Jude Grows Older, She Realises That She Will Need To Take Part In The Dangerous Deceptions Of The Fey To Ever Truly BelongBut The Stairway To Power Is Fraught With Shadows And Betrayal And Looming Over All Is The Infuriating, Arrogant And Charismatic Prince Cardan Enter The Dramatic And Thrilling World Of The Folk Of The Air, Brimful Of Magic And Romance From New York Times Bestselling Author Holly Black

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