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The End of October In This Riveting Medical Thriller From The Pulitzer Prize Winner And Best Selling Author Dr Henry Parsons, An Unlikely But Appealing Hero, Races To Find The Origins And Cure Of A Mysterious New Killer Virus As It Brings The World To Its KneesAt An Internment Camp In Indonesia, Forty Seven People Are Pronounced Dead With Acute Hemorrhagic Fever When Henry Parsons Microbiologist, Epidemiologist Travels There On Behalf Of The World Health Organization To Investigate, What He Finds Will Soon Have Staggering Repercussions Across The Globe An Infected Man Is On His Way To Join The Millions Of Worshippers In The Annual Hajj To Mecca Now, Henry Joins Forces With A Saudi Prince And Doctor In An Attempt To Quarantine The Entire Host Of Pilgrims In The Holy City A Russian Migr , A Woman Who Has Risen To Deputy Director Of US Homeland Security, Scrambles To Mount A Response To What May Be An Act Of Biowarfare Already Fraying Global Relations Begin To Snap, One By One, In The Face Of A Pandemic Henry S Wife Jill And Their Children Face Diminishing Odds Of Survival In Atlanta And The Disease Slashes Across The United States, Dismantling Institutions Scientific, Religious, Governmental And Decimating The Population As Packed With Suspense As It Is With The Fascinating History Of Viral Diseases, Lawrence Wright Has Given Us A Full Tilt, Electrifying, One Of A Kind Thriller

About the Author: Lawrence Wright

There isthan one author with this nameLawrence Wright is a Pulitzer Prize winning American author, screenwriter, staff writer for The New Yorkermagazine, and fellow at the Center for Law and Security at the New York University School of Law He is a graduate of Tulane University, and for two years taught at the American University in Cairo in Egypt.Wright graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School Dallas, Texas in 1965 and, in 2009, was inducted into Woodrow s Hall of Fame.Wright is the author of six books, but is best known for his 2006 book, The Looming Tower Al Qaeda and the Road to 9 11 A quick bestseller, The Looming Tower was awarded the J Anthony Lukas Book Prize, the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for General Nonfiction, and is frequently referenced by media pundits as an excellent source of background information on Al Qaeda and the September 11 attacks The book s title is a phrase from the Quran Wherever you are, death will find you, even in the looming tower, which Osama bin Laden quoted three times in a videotaped speech seen as directed to the 9 11 hijackers.Among Wright s other books is Remembering Satan A Tragic Case of Recovered Memory 1994 , about the Paul Ingram false memory case On June 7, 1996, Wright testified at Ingram s pardon hearing.Wright also co wrote the screenplay for the film The Siege 1998 , which told the story of a terrorist attack in New York City that led to curtailed civil liberties and rounding up of Arab Americans.A script that Wright originally wrote for Oliver Stone was turned instead into a well regarded Showtime movie, Noriega God s Favorite 2000.A documentary featuring Wright, My Trip to Al Qaeda, premiered on HBO in September 2010 Based on his journeys and experience in the Middle East during his research for The Looming Tower, My Trip to Al Qaeda covers topics ranging from the current state of the regime in Saudi Arabia to the historic underpinnings of 9 11.

10 thoughts on “The End of October

  1. Roxane Roxane says:

    There may be spoilers ahead.I will say that a lot of research went into this book This is not a lazily written book but it is poorly written Sometimes, when a writer does a lot of research and wants the reader to know they are a credible expert on their subject, they make fiction seem like nonfiction If you want

  2. Donna Backshall Donna Backshall says:

    It s difficult to believe The End of October was written just before the ish hit the global fan a couple months ago If I d read The End of October, say, last fall, I d have said Cool speculative fiction, but wow, people wouldn t suck that bad in a real crisis, would they Now I m just nodding and thinking Yep That happen

  3. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    4.5 stars Lawrence Wright is an esteemed journalist and author Among his many honours is his Pulitzer Prize for the non fiction book, The Looming Tower about the rise of al Qaeda and the road to 9 11 This is a meticulously researched book in the form of a novel It contains much factual information about historic epidemics and

  4. Diane S ☔ Diane S ☔ says:

    3.5 Scared the bejesus out of me Keep in mind this was written before Covid, and the parallels are beyond astonishing A pandemic breaks out, but in China but in Indonesia, ravishing the world People die, countries shut down, no cure, no vaccine Henry, in my reading mind I pictured Fauci, is the man in charge, trying to find a cure Th

  5. Libby Libby says:

    Lawrence Wright s new novel, The End of October delivers a prescient account of a pandemic and its effect on the world and the USA Who could have guessed that the world would be suffering from a major pandemic at just the time that Wright s book was published He began writing it in 2017 and finished it during the summer of 2019 It packs a p

  6. Faith Faith says:

    This book was fast paced and entertaining and the author obviously did a lot of research before writing it I ve read a lot of escaped killer virus books, but I never thought I would be living inside one This book was not better than the others I have read, but it s huge advantage is it s timeliness It was told from the point of view of a scientist

  7. Denise Denise says:

    Hello readers I rarely give 5 stars to a fiction book but this one completely blew me away To say that it is prescient and timely is an understatement If you have a desire to really understand what is going on in the world right now, this is a novel that you cannot afford to miss It is shocking and absorbing with so much information that I can t even rel

  8. Jessica Jeffers Jessica Jeffers says:

    Most advance copies of books include a letter from the editor or publicist explaining what s so great about the book This one includes a letter from the author that starts I pray that the events depicted in The End of October never happen But could they This book was obviously conceived and written before the current pandemic began, but its timing is chilling g

  9. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    Want to know evenabout viruses and pandemics Wright s latest novel will provide you with the history of both He incorporates accounts of major epidemics, descriptions of Russian biowarfare capabilities, and other nonfiction facts As long as the novel sticks to the pandemic plot line, the book is excellent It is striking how close the details of the unfolding pandemic

  10. Judith E Judith E says:

    Lawrence Wright explains the history and tenacity of viruses that humans have encountered Through the undeveloped plot and lightweight characters, he illustrates how a pandemic can start a domino effect and then how society goes to hell in a hand basket I found the references to Russian and Chinese organized attacks via cyber sabotage and the Chinese lack of transparency dur

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