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The Fractal Geometry of Nature A Blend Of Erudition Fascinating And Sometimes Obscure Historical Minutiae Abound , Popularization Mathematical Rigor Is Relegated To Appendices And Exposition The Reader Need Have Little Knowledge Of The Fields Involved And The Illustrations Include Many Superb Examples Of Computer Graphics That Are Works Of Art In Their Own Right Nature

5 thoughts on “The Fractal Geometry of Nature

  1. D. Skeen D. Skeen says:

    Bought mine used and it was signed by the author and contained what appears to be separate notes and letters on THINK letter heads from the same talking about his research at IBM Very interesting stuff.

  2. pure me db pure me db says:

    As a child, I remember hearing, God is a mathematician This proves it Mathematics is for human invention, while Fractal is the mathematics of nature

  3. Daniel Barham Daniel Barham says:

    The magnum opus of a true genius Within this book lies the legacy of a profound academic and perhaps the most rigorous and complete analysis of fractal geometries that has ever been created It is a balanced look at fractal geometries that fills a niche for all levels of expertise As a mathematical novice you can enjoy the pictures and narrative and as a mas

  4. TheNigerian TheNigerian says:

    I entered fractals for the first time in the early 90s after a had read about them in a fantastic book called Excursions in Modern Mathematics.I coded and created the Sirpinsky thereafter and have been hooked on the topic since.I bought this book to undestand what the discoverer of fractals thought and have not been dissapointed I am enjoying every page of i

  5. fictionfan fictionfan says:

    Of course I love this book I read it for the first time when I was just a young teen now upon re reading it, I realize how difficult so much of the mathematical material is Of course, Mandelbrot wrote it and labeled it as an essay , thus intended for a wide variety of disciplines and backgrounds in order to reach a maximum audience, but his coining it as targ

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