[ PDF / Epub ] ☃ The Gamer's Brain: How Neuroscience and UX Can Impact Video Game Design Autor Celia Hodent – Andy-palmer.co.uk

The Gamer's Brain: How Neuroscience and UX Can Impact Video Game Design Making A Successful Video Game Is Hard Even Games That Are Successful At Launch May Fail To Engage And Retain Players In The Long Term Due To Issues With The User Experience UX That They Are Delivering The Game User Experience Accounts For The Whole Experience Players Have With A Video Game, From First Hearing About It To Navigating Menus And Progressing In The Game UX As A Discipline Offers Guidelines To Assist Developers In Creating The Experience They Want To Deliver, Shipping Higher Quality Games Whether It Is An Indie Game, AAA Game, Or Serious Game , And Meeting Their Business Goals While Staying True To Their Design And Artistic Intent In A Nutshell, UX Is About Understanding The Gamer S Brain Understanding Human Capabilities And Limitations To Anticipate How A Game Will Be Perceived, The Emotions It Will Elicit, How Players Will Interact With It, And How Engaging The Experience Will Be This Book Is Designed To Equip Readers Of All Levels, From Student To Professional, With Neuroscience Knowledge And User Experience Guidelines And Methodologies These Insights Will Help Readers Identify The Ingredients For Successful And Engaging Video Games, Empowering Them To Develop Their Own Unique Game Recipeefficiently, While Providing A Better Experience For Their Audience.

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