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The Gender Quest Workbook: A Guide for Teens and Young Adults Exploring Gender Identity (English Edition) This One Of A Kind, Comprehensive Workbook Will Help You Navigate Your Gender Identity And Expression At Home, In School, And With Peers If You Are A Transgender And Gender Nonconforming TGNC Teen, You May Experience Unique Challenges With Identity And Interpersonal Relationships In Addition To Experiencing Common Teen Challenges Such As Body Changes And Peer Pressure, You May Be Wondering How To Express Your Unique Identity To Others The Gender Quest Workbook Incorporates Skills, Exercises, And Activities From Evidence Based Therapiessuch As Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT To Help You Address The Broad Range Of Struggles You May Encounter Related To Gender Identity, Such As Anxiety, Isolation, Fear, And Even Depression Despite Outdated Beliefs, Gender No Longer Implies Being Simply Male Or Female, But Rather A Whole Spectrum Of Possibilities This Fun, Engaging Workbook Is Designed Specifically For Teens Like You Who Want To Explore The Concept Of Gender And Gender Identity And Expressionwhether You Already Identify As TGNC Or Are Simply Questioning Your Gender Identity The Activities In This Book Will Help You Explore Your Identity Internally, Interpersonally, And Culturally And Along The Way, Youll Learn How To Effectively Express Yourself And Make Informed Decisions On How To Navigate Your Gender With Family, Friends, Classmates, And Coworkers The Book Also Includes Chapters On Sex And Dating, Balancing Multiple Identities, And How To Deal With Stressful Challenges When They Arise The Gender Quest Workbook Also Features A Brief Downloadable Guide For Clinicians That Explains Ways Professionals Can Better Serve Gender Expansive Youth The Guide Will Address Ways To Help Youth Working With Gender Identity Build Resilience Against Gender Minority Stress, Among Other Topics This Book Has Been Selected As An Association For Behavioral And Cognitive Therapies Self Help Book Recommendation An Honor Bestowed On Outstanding Self Help Books That Are Consistent With Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT Principles And That Incorporate Scientifically Tested Strategies For Overcoming Mental Health Difficulties Used Alone Or In Conjunction With Therapy, Our Books Offer Powerful Tools Readers Can Use To Jump Start Changes In Their Lives This workbook is a wonderful resource for teens and young adults who have questions about their gender The authors present complex information in clear language with plenty of examples, followed by questions and exercises to help each youth develop deeper self understanding The writing is gentle, wise, affirming, cautious when it needs to be, and inclusive of a wide range of gender identities and experiences While The Gender Quest Workbook is presented as a self help book for teens, it is also a sophisticated how to book for parents and professionals who want to engage a young person in discussion about how they experience gender and what they need to do to live safely and authentically I wholeheartedly recommend this book I have purchased this for three clients and all three have loved the book and found it very useful I also purchased a copy for my supervisees and supervisor The book does a great job of walking clients through the process of self identification and coming out, or simply meeting them where they are at It s a high quality therapist resource. I use this is therapy for questioning youth It is a clear guide to help them and their families walk thru the many aspects of gender identification Very neutral meaning anyone could work thru these exercises and gain self awareness about their gender identification, even if it is cis gender.

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