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The Golden Ratio: The Divine Beauty of Mathematics The Golden Ratio Examines The Presenceof This Divine Numberin Art And Architecture Throughout History, As Well As Its Ubiquity Among Plants, Animals, And Even The Cosmos This Gorgeous Book Featuresclear, Entertaining, And Enlighteningcommentary Alongsidestunningfull Colorillustrations By Venezuelan Artist And Architect Rafael Araujo From The Pyramids Of Giza, To Quasicrystals, To The Proportions Of The Human Face, The Golden Ratio Has An Infinite Capacity To Generate Shapes With Exquisite Properties With Its Lush Format And Layflat Dimensions That Closely Approximate The Golden Ratio, This Is The Ultimate Coffee Table Book For Math Enthusiasts, Architects, Designers, And Fans Of Sacred Geometry

6 thoughts on “The Golden Ratio: The Divine Beauty of Mathematics

  1. Jose Jose says:

    Las fotos y los dibujos de Rafael Araujo son espectaculares Texto divulgativo en ingl s Interesante y bonito.

  2. Jeff D. Hagan Jeff D. Hagan says:

    I had heard of the Golden Ratio, but didn t really know much about it before reading this illustrative coffee table book I m not a mathematician and some of it is over my head, but I found it intriguing and look forward to finding where it occurs in my daily life It is especially interesting to see the examples of it being used in ancient architecture and contrasting that with the modern design of an Aston Martin DB9 Also, found the section about beauty and The Golden Ratio captivating It s interesting that

  3. T.S. T.S. says:

    I personally have a strong interest in the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci sequence, originating with my degree in engineering and a core curriculum in liberal arts More recently, I have taken a keen interest in Fibonacci applications in technical trading I was originally drawn to this particular book by the artwork of Rafael Araujo, which is featured on the cover and throughout, as well as the work of Gary Meisner, whose public research available on his website I consider to be the benchmark for interest on the subje

  4. Linwood S. Hines Linwood S. Hines says:

    IF you are just curious about how nature, art and architecture ancient and modern , graphics, balance and so much of the world around us, and how our psyches are influenced by this number ratio natural phenom then for gosh sakes spend the paltry sum to get this book I would really expect such a finely illustrated, well written tome like this to be 75 so get it before the author and publisher realize their mistake.The explanations are light enough for even a non mathmatician to understand yes, you can skip the few equat

  5. medfair medfair says:

    The Golden Cut, phi, has been puzzling mathematicians for over twenty centuries Understandably, it has also attracted those that seek absolute truths and mystic or divine properties The book roughly divides phi lore into three parts Math, art and design esthetics, nature The math part is wonderful Although requiring some effort and discipline, the wonderful world of mathematical, algebraic, and geometrical phi and Fibonacci series is aptly and skillfully described five stars Looking for this marvelous ratio in art, architect

  6. Sally F K Poore Sally F K Poore says:

    This is a lovely book which explains and examines the Golden Ratio Divine Proportion using clear and engaging text accompanied by a kaleidoscopic array of beautiful imagery from the worlds of art, architecture, and nature This book is sure to be appreciated by anyone who loves math, design, or classical art, as well as by those who are merely curious about the title topic.I am one who was merely curious I haven t studied any math since high school eons past , but I was able to grasp with a bit of concentration the very basic of th

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