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The Good Doctor Of Warsaw [Idioma Inglés] You Do Not Leave A Sick Child Alone To Face The Dark And You Do Not Leave A Child At A Time Like This Deeply In Love And About To Marry, Students Misha And Sophia Flee A Warsaw Under Nazi Occupation For A Chance At Freedom Forced To Return To The Warsaw Ghetto, They Help Misha S Mentor, Dr Janusz Korczak, Care For The Two Hundred Children In His Orphanage As Korczak Struggles To Uphold The Rights Of Even The Smallest Child In The Face Of Unimaginable Conditions, He Becomes A Beacon Of Hope For The Thousands Who Live Behind The Walls As The Noose Tightens Around The Ghetto Misha And Sophia Are Torn From One Another, Forcing Them To Face Their Worst Fears Alone They Can Only Hope To Find Each Other Again One Day Meanwhile, Refusing To Leave The Children Unprotected, Korczak Must Confront A Terrible Darkness Half A Million People Lived In The Warsaw Ghetto Less Than One Percent Survived To Tell Their Story This Novel Is Based On The True Accounts Of Misha And Sophia, And On The Life Of One Of Poland S Greatest Men, Dr Janusz Korczak.

5 thoughts on “The Good Doctor Of Warsaw [Idioma Inglés]

  1. lee-ann lee-ann says:

    Fabulous read It s so sad to read how brutally people were treated in the War but that they could find the positives in life and start over again most inspiring.

  2. Niamh N Niamh N says:

    Having read The Tattooist of Auschwicz I saw this recommended It was beautifully written but absolutely heartbreaking A glimpse of the absolute horror that people went through where being a survivor was nearly the harder option This book will stay with me a long time Heartbreaking

  3. mabel mabel says:

    So gripping, this man was a saint

  4. Valerie Aylward Valerie Aylward says:

    Loved this book totally one of my absolute favorites

  5. Lytton A. Grey Lytton A. Grey says:

    This book had me in tears a beautiful love story in bewildering and tragic circumstances, all the poignant for being based on real people and real events Elisabeth Gifford has done meticulous research into the story of a Polish doctor who transformed ideas about child care in a similar passionate and novel way to Maria Montessori s views on education.The doctor runs orphanages in which his ground breaking ideas are applied an

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