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The Heartfulness Way I ve been waiting this book since it was launched in India in Jan 18 and became s 1 best seller I was wondering the changes India has gone to make a Spiritual Book as number one in 2018, I could not believe I ve got this book as pre order from and have read it once, reading it second time, and realizing the potency of this high energy yet simple for a commoner to understand the Inner Connection.I m enjoying with simplicity of guru disciple dialogue I ve already gifted over 10 books and everyone of my receiving friends are enjoying it The depth I m seeing during second time is much in terms of my past reading connections, in answered question from other literatures and reasons of so many things we do in our life best is what, how and doing Shifting towards Feeling i.e moving away from Thinking.It is experiential journey and not a intellectual reading the reason I love this book I hope humans will join this humanity journey by using the simple methods of life s balance, so vital for our well being of everyone on planet earth. As We Manoeuvre The Many Demands Of Relationships, Career, Property And Health, We Often Sense A Void, A Feeling Of Alienation From Our True Selves Is It Possible For One Planet To Orbit So Many Suns We Have Many Centres In Our Lives, Yet Where Is The True Centre, The Deepest Centre That Lies At The Core Of Every Heart Ensconced In India S Ageless Oral Tradition, Kamlesh D Patel Widely Known As Daaji, The Fourth Guru In The Heartfulness Lineage Traces A Seeker S Journey As He Examines The Nature Of Spiritual Search Through A Series Of Illuminating Conversations Between A Teacher And A Student, Daaji Reveals The Core Principles Of The Heartfulness Practice And Philosophy To Joshua Pollock, A Heartfulness Practitioner And Trainer From Reflecting On The Essence Of Prayer And Yogic Transmission To Demystifying The Act Of Meditation Through Practical Tips, This Book Will Enable Us To Live Beyond The Filters Of Our Sensory Limitations And Discover Unity Within Ourselves To Practise Heartfulness Is To Seek The Essence Beyond The Form, The Reality Behind The Ritual It Is To Centre Oneself At The Core Of One S Heart And Find True Meaning And Contentment There This book is as profound as it is practical Using the meditation and prayers suggested, I was opened to new and rich realms of heartfulness A peace and deep feeling of blessedness and warmth diffused my heart My mind found resolution to spiritual questions I didn t know I had I ve also had a profound experience of transmission as mentioned by one of the trainers It s helped to make all this so much real for me Give it a chance of you feel your heart calling you. I have read several books on spirituality, philosophy or mysticism like Autobiography of a Yogi, The Way of the Sufi, In Search of the Miraculous, The Way of Zen, Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master, Tao Te Ching and many They have all been amazing accounts of authors own experiences or their way of thinking Not only I enjoyed reading them, but I was also able to summon their teaching in my own life at occasions However, when I went through The Heratfulness Way I realized what I was missing so far was to have a simple and practical way to enable myself to have such experiences that I admired from others.The book is filled with dialogues between Joshua and Kamlesh Daaji which are like pearls of wisdom scattered throughout the book Through this medium of inquiry, I realized we also keep questioning our beliefs and understanding and see them in a better light It helps in bringing clarify and getting rid of biases that we may have accumulated consciously or subconsciously.And as they say, reading a book alone cannot transform us When we put Heartfulness Way into practice, we realize how simple it is, especially with the aid of Yogic Transmission and we start moving forward on the path of our own experiences. I work in healthcare and hear people talk about their stress all day long Sometimes I suggest meditation as a means for increasing health and wellbeing A lot of people express some confusion about how to meditate Others say they try and meditate and feel that they have failed because they are not sure about what they are doing.The Heartfulness Way is a great resource for learning meditation It helps answer a lot of questions about the doing part of meditation How to sit, what to do with thoughts, the best time of day and place to practice The stories and conversational style make it an easy read It is a great book to recommend to patients, clients and friends who want to learn a simple meditation system.

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