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The Heartfulness Way I m delighted that an easy to read book on Heartfulness is now available I ve been practising Heartfulness meditation, which is free to learn, for nearly 25 years However, this simple but profound book deepened my understanding of this beautiful, transformative practice Written as a conversation between a spiritual guide and an aspirant, it seems to take you by the hand and lead you gently through its contents It explains why we choose the heart to meditate on, the home of love, empathy, feeling and intuition and clearly explains each component of Heartfulness practice, from meditation to the wonderfully helpful method of clearing and rejuvenating our system after a day s work. Highly recommended read This book describes the journey of spiritual development beautifully and will change your life As We Manoeuvre The Many Demands Of Relationships, Career, Property And Health, We Often Sense A Void, A Feeling Of Alienation From Our True Selves Is It Possible For One Planet To Orbit So Many Suns We Have Many Centres In Our Lives, Yet Where Is The True Centre, The Deepest Centre That Lies At The Core Of Every Heart Ensconced In India S Ageless Oral Tradition, Kamlesh D Patel Widely Known As Daaji, The Fourth Guru In The Heartfulness Lineage Traces A Seeker S Journey As He Examines The Nature Of Spiritual Search Through A Series Of Illuminating Conversations Between A Teacher And A Student, Daaji Reveals The Core Principles Of The Heartfulness Practice And Philosophy To Joshua Pollock, A Heartfulness Practitioner And Trainer From Reflecting On The Essence Of Prayer And Yogic Transmission To Demystifying The Act Of Meditation Through Practical Tips, This Book Will Enable Us To Live Beyond The Filters Of Our Sensory Limitations And Discover Unity Within Ourselves To Practise Heartfulness Is To Seek The Essence Beyond The Form, The Reality Behind The Ritual It Is To Centre Oneself At The Core Of One S Heart And Find True Meaning And Contentment There I have been practising this meditation for 25 years and I m so delighted that now we have The Heartfulness Way It is written simply and beautifullya conversation between the current spiritual guide, Kamlesh D Pateland Joshua Pollock, a practitioner of Heartfulness Meditation.sharing questions and experience of how this daily practice of meditation takes us to our true spiritual homeinside our own hearts When I was lookingseeking, many years ago, I realised that what I was seeking was a way to go home to my true home I found it in this simple practice of meditation Being able to go inside gives such a solid core to everything in my lifework, relationshipsjust living It s sometimes hard to put into words the depth of the benefitand how and why this practice worksbut this book does exactly that I m buying extra copies to give to all my friends It s a fabulous read. This book shows you how Really It s a practical guide for busy, modern people on how to bring balance, peace and joy into daily life Written as a set of questions and answers, it s easy to read and gives a clear and simple approach to life s big questions I found this book practical, thought provoking and moving More than that this simple method works This is based on my personal experience but, don t take my word for it, try it for yourself You don t even need to buy the book go to the Heartfulness Way web site where you can try it for free There s never a charge for Heartfulness However, this book is worth every penny. Received a book of heart fullness, a nice book which clears all your doubts of meditation its way of practice by very easy and practical way, which clear all your hurdles and put you on right path, in a way the best guide to you, would recommend to every individual who wants to start meditational practice. I couldn t wait for this book to come out then couldn t put it down Absolutely extraordinary I loved it and feel so excited to recommend it to others Makes such sense just what I needed Think this book has such a lot to offer to so many people Huge thanks to the Authors Guys, you have to read this It s a shockingly simple way towards perfection of ourselves Where else can you get this nectar This book is excellent for spiritual seeker s in current time, it is engaging and filled with philosophies of life that you can connect with yourself. Must read A must read guide to the Heartfulness way and how it can change our day to day lives The author has done an excellent job of capturing the essence of Heartfulness approach and its transformative potential through a series of easy to understand candid conversations with Daaji Heartfulness proposes a balanced, integrated existence, where life s spiritual and material aspects can harmoniously coexist.Its is an invitation to experience the simple practice that has transformed my life and of many others practicing the Heartfulness Way around the world Its easily adopted practices are appropriate for people from all walks of life, cultures, religious beliefs and economic status over the age of 15 Give it a try and let your heart guide you.

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