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The Holy Piby The Blackman's Bible The Holy Piby is a short book, reprinted from the original publication of many decades ago It is reputed to be the basis for Rastafarian beliefs in that it speaks of prophecies and revelations connected to the repatriation of all Africans to their original continent, manifested as Ethiopia What I found remarkable in the content of the text is that the story begins neither in Africa or Jamaica, but in Patterson NJ, where racism and economic difficulties in the 1920s and 30s created a fertile environment for the hopes of negroes to attain complete civil rights This book was written prior to the coronation of Prince Ras Tafari, who took the imperial name of Heile Selassi when he ascended the throne of Ethiopia This is seen as the fulfilment of one of the three key prophecies in the Holy Piby.The Holy Piby s language and scholarship is unequal to other holy writings, deficient in grammar and narrative thought Nevertheless it is a very valuable instrument in examining the aspirations and origination of Rasta. This was an interesting book Very insightful for those of you wanting to know about rasta history and guide lines. Very interesting. I purchased this book for a friend who is a very seriousRastafarian He just loves the book, and has read it again and again the first week he received it I cannot recommend it for a non Rastafarian. The Holy Piby Is A Very Rare, Pre Rastafarian Book, Which Was Banned In The S By Jamaica For It S Controversial Proclamations Despite The Ban, The Book And It S Followers Suceeded In Planting The Seeds Which Would Become Rastafarianism The Holy Piby Is The Text Of A Religion Called The Afro Athlican Constructive Gaathly, Which Viewed The Ethiopians As The Chosen People Of The Bible This Controversial Text And Religion Made Liberation Inroads Into The Diamond Mines Of South Africa, Panama, And Many Other Places Were Oppression Labored

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