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The Hopi Survival Kit (Compass) I was recommended this read by a stranger I have read many Native texts and histories over the year I am interested in and fairly deeply read in a number of related topics to this material, from many perspectives and through many layers of experience and story Now my intro to the Hopi, is quite small and I have read little.I really don t like this book..It could have been a third of the size to say what he does.I am sure perhaps the author had good intentions to make his experience and understanding feel special to him and want to share it, but with my own background on this overall subject matter and wanting to learn of the Hopi message and history, I just couldn t bare this readingI can t imagine what one who comes to this book with little approach to such subject or Native American cosmology would get from reading this There are good things to take from it, but some advanced understanding seems necessary to sift through the crap he piles on page after page to make this book I am glad I am familiar with it now, and there are lessons to be taken from this text, but i only wish I d picked up a copy from the library rather than own it as I don t like it On the other hand I ordered at the same time, Book of the Hopi by Frank Waters and am getting much of what I am looking forthe origin myths,mystery plays some history and legend so far a real insight into the hopi experience and what it holds for the pan human experience in this realm. Presents The Entire Range Of Hopi Prophecy And Spiritual Instruction While Preparing People For The Hard Times Ahead By Explaining How To Recognize And Understand These Expected Events Reprint This is an eye opener, it tells the truth of the Hopi beliefs that were destroyed by the governments interference and injustice The gov should have listened and taken note of the way Hopi lived their lives instead of destroying it theron w reece The Hopi Survival Kit Chapter 6 Prophecies Past and Present Page 207 208.Hopi Elders Quote Quote Let us take a look into the future through the eyes of our prophets They say that along the way the industrialized world will have certain problems Throughout the world people will be uncomfortable because of the changing times The worldly woes people will be going through People will have to make adjustments to fit themselves into new life styles and environments.The industrialized nations will become careless in getting of the resources they need out of the earth, oil, coal, etc Believing all these things will last forever Soon natural resources will be depleted Fuel shortages will occur industrial machinery will come to a standstill The machinery used for planting, harvesting and transport will become useless The white man Bahanna with all his intelligence and technology will not be able to repair the damage.Now let us review our knowledge briefly, the centuries old prophecies which warned us what would happen when we forgot the principles of right and wrong in our behavior We will see extraordinary events in Nature and Earth, including mankind because modern man ignores the wisdom of ancient culture and religion Modern man looks upon old wisdom and knowledge as dead, useless and no longer respected.Modern man began to depend on the money system and no longer Mother Earth for food According to prophecy when this happens Mother Earth will hide the nourishment which she provides because of the view that ancient food is poor man s food.When all food disappears modern man will try to correct his mistake, the conditions he caused upon the earth through his inventions He will try to achieve some kind of method to heal the wound, but this will not be possible when we reach the point of no return.Only through peace the survival of mankind and our planet Earth is possible Only if we, the human race, are willing to change. very interesting book One I will share w friends.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Hopi Survival Kit (Compass) book, this is one of the most wanted Thomas Mails author readers around the world.

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