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The Ippos King The WRAITH KINGS Saga ContinuesThe Demonic Horde That Threatened To Devour The World Has Been Defeated, But At Great CostPlagued By Guilt And Nightmares, Serovek Pangion Sets Out To Deliver The Soulless Body Of The Monk Megiddo To The Heretical Jeden Order For Safekeeping Accompanying Him Is Sha Anhuset, The Kai Woman He Admires And Desires Most A Woman Barely Tolerant Of HimDevoted To Her Regent, Anhuset Reluctantly Agrees To Act As A Kai Ambassador On The Trip, Even Though The Bold Margrave Known As The Beladine Stallion Gets Under Her Skin Like No Other, And Anhuset Fears He Ll Worm His Way Into Her Ard Heart As WellBut Guilt And Unwelcome Attraction Are The Least Of Their Problems The Demons Thought Vanquished Are Stirring Again, And A Warlord With Blood Soaked Ambition Turns A Journey Of Compassion Into A Fight For Survival When The Beladine King Brands Serovek A Traitor, Anhuset Must Choose Between Sacrificing The Life Of A Man She S Grown To Love And Abandoning Lifelong Fealty To The Kai PeopleA Tale Of Loyalty And Acceptance

10 thoughts on “The Ippos King

  1. Amber Amber says:

    Soooo any news on a release date Soooo any news on a release date

  2. Monique V Monique V says:

    Update There is a cover The author shared it on Facebook I have to admit it s not my favorite but I still am really looking forward to it the author shared a teaser of the cover on Facebook This might be my most anticipated book of this year because the wait was so long FINAL

  3. Anna (Bobs Her Hair) Anna (Bobs Her Hair) says:

    Teaser for The Ippos King on Grace Draven s Facebook Page view spoiler Grace DravenApril 27 at 10 12am Teaser from THE IPPOS KING Wraith Kings Book 3 Serovek leaned down to rest his forearms on the balcony s stone balustrade A carpet of spruce treetops lay below him, so dark a gre

  4. Renégade ♥ Renégade ♥ says:

    For those who ve been waiting and or interested, here is the latest update April 3, 2020 from GD here are the links to the serialized chapters unedited and subject to change being currently offered THE IPPOS KING Rough draft serialization part the first April 3, 2020 THE IPPOS KING Rou

  5. Kimmier Kimmier says:

    I love Grace Draven s Books especially the Wraith Kings Series I was excited to read this on Grace Draven Facebook page Ippos King WK 3 Serovek and AnusetThe Nomas King WK 4 Gaeres and EmerenceThe Parias King WK 5 Andras and ZiganaThe Anastas King WK 6 Megiddo and AcsehKeep on Writing Grace

  6. Shanna Matheo Shanna Matheo says:

    September 2019 Oh my Gods this cover Anushet looks so bad ass I love it Expected publication DECEMBER 2019 Why Grace Just Why September 2019 Oh my Gods this cover Anushet looks so bad ass I love it Expected publication DECEMBER 2019 Why Grace Just Why

  7. Cathy Cathy says:

    From her blog Serialization of THE IPPOS KING Wraith Kings 3 I m serializing the rough draft of THE IPPOS KING Wraith Kings 3 via my newsletter, so if you d like to follow along, please scroll down to the bottom of my home page and you ll see the box on the right for subscribing A couple of things ab

  8. Snow Snow says:

    I FREAKING CAN T WAIT FOR THIS, any longer.What does it meanexpected publication 2017 It s a way to torture, isn t it Dammit, dammiti knew it

  9. Mindy (Naughty Book Snitch) Mindy (Naughty Book Snitch) says:

    I want this noooowwww I want this noooowwww

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