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The Joy of X: A Guided Tour of Mathematics, from One to Infinity (English Edition) eBook: Steven Strogatz: Amazon.es: Tienda Kindle For Those Who Feel Insecure With Symbols And Formulae, The Books Is Delightfully Wordy It Offer S Gloriously Simple Proof Of Pythagoras Theorem Daily Express The Format Works Brilliantly Because The Joy Of X S Bite Size Chapters Can Be Read, Chewed Over And Digested Independently Strogatz Exhibits A Journalistic Eye For Startling Facts And Memorable Illustrations The Perfect Maths Lesson Lucid, Illuminating And Short Daily TelegraphAward Winning Steven Strogatz, One Of The Foremost Popularisers Of Maths, Has Written A Witty And Fascinating Account Of Maths Most Compelling Ideas And How, So Often, They Are An Integral Part Of Everyday LifeMaths Is Everywhere, Often Where We Don T Even Realise Award Winning Professor Steven Strogatz Acts As Our Guide As He Takes Us On A Tour Of Numbers That Unbeknownst To The Unitiated Connect Pop Culture, Literature, Art, Philosophy, Current Affairs, Business And Even Every Day Life In The Joy Of X, Strogatz Explains The Great Ideas Of Maths From Negative Numbers To Calculus, Fat Tails To Infinity With Clarity, Wit And Insight He Is The Maths Teacher You Never Had And This Book Is Perfect For The Smart And Curious, The Expert And The Beginner A few times I ve seen postings on Facebook where people are proud of the fact that they got through another day without using math I m amused but a little sad that they think math is unnecessary in day to day life I wonder if they really didn t use math or did it without thinking of it as math.Or is it true that since they don t have a background in math they just ignore the problems in their lives where math could help Now, I confess I was an English major and ignored math and the sciences but I ve come to undertstand that math would have been helpful.Steven Strogatz shows us the basic concepts of numbers and math, building from the simple Sesame Street characters counting fish, to the mind boggling some infinities are larger than others.We first learn about the power of numbers when we go from calling out fish, fish, fish for each fish we see to grouping them together in the abstract idea of three fish Numbers are abstract ideas we use to stand in so we can easily measure and compare things Once we build a set of relationship rules addition, subtraction we continue to develop methods of relationships For example we build fractions as ratios of integers hence teir technical name, rational numbers p 29 These rules continue to build upon one another and take us through algebra and geometry to calculus As an example Strogatz demonstrates that adding all the consecutive odd numbers, starting from 1 The sums above, remarkably, always turn out to be perfect squares p10.My biggest takeaway from the book is that when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail You can only use the tools in your belt to solve the problems you encounter And worse if you do use the tools in your belt you may get the wrong answer Or worse yet you may have the correct tool set but use them dishonestly to misdirect people those people like me who didn t study enough math.An example of that is statistics, where figures lie and liers figure Most of us have at least a passing understanding of normal distributions bell curves They can be proven to arise whenever a large number of mildly random effects of similar size, all acting independently, are added together And many things are like that p 178 Many, but not all P lenty of phenomena deviate from this pattern yet still manage to follow a pattern of their own p 178 But we are comfortable with the normal distributions and have the tools the mean average to work with them In Power law distributions the modes, medians, and means do not agree because of the skewed, asymmetrical shapes of their L curves President Bush made use of this property when he stated that his 2003 tax cuts had saved families an average of 1,586 each Though that is technically correct, he was conveniently referring to the mean rebate, a figure that averaged in the whopping rebates of hundreds of thousands of dollars received by the richest 0.1 percent of the population The tail on the far right of the income distribution is known to follow a pwoer law, and in situations like this, the mean is a misleading statistic to use because it s far from typical Most families, in fat got less that e0 The median was a lot less than the mean p 180 I ve been intimidated by calculus but Strogatz does an effective job of making it approachable you won t learn calculus from the book but you ll get a glimmer of understanding If we want to find the area of a circle we start by fitting a square inside and calculate its area then turn it into an 8 sided figure like slices of a pizza and calculating its area we get closer yet And so on as the number of pie slices approaches infinity.Strogatz wraps things up with the theory of infinite sets using the illustration of the Hilbert Hotel which is always full but there is always room for one I can t do it justice here but he shows how the infinity of the real numbers between 0 and 1 is bigger than the infinity of whole numbers Whaaaat Finally I became acquainted with the recreational mathemusician Vi Hart through this book She is a video illustrator who does some marvelous work demonstrating mathematic concepts Even if you don t read this book which you totally should , check out Vi Harts story of Wind and Mr Ug a couple of two dimensional beings who live on a transparent M bius strip. I just want to address one matter of how the kindle ebook looks This book has lots of illustrations and formulas as you would expect for a popular approach to math I m reading this on a 9 inch color tablet reading on the kindle app for android Everything renders beautifully Perhaps the rendering isn t as good on e ink devices, but I d bet that the real issue is screen size i.e., a 6 inch device probably would be a struggle to read There are a lot of graphics and photos it s a pretty book, but because of the large file size, you might consider removing your local copy and keeping it on the cloud when you re done. At first it seemed that the title Joy of X was spot on It s an admirable goal to inspire readers about mathematics and I found the first few chapters very well written and interesting, with some insight about the primary or middle school level mathematical topics.The writing is decent throughout the book but the quality of the content quickly plunges and each chapter becomes a shallow, broad description of a particular subject without much detail or examples Each chapter is about the same in length apparently these chapters appeared in the NYT as essays unfrotunately, later chapters are fit for some Sunday tabloid s filler than a book about mathematics While the original NYT publications may have had length limits because of the newspaper format, there s no excuse for re publishing the same content in a book where such limits don t exist.It s fairly obvious that the author understands and loves mathematics and the first few chapters give the impression that his goal was to genuinely inspire people but the result falls flat in this regard There s barely any detail about the complex topics some anectodes are thrown in for warmth but most of it feels like an afterthought Several chapters refer the reader to Youtube videos and blog entries some don t even exist any instead of actually diescribing the subject I think most readers would be better off reading about these subjects on WIkipedia.Some of the 5 star ratings are suspect, bordering on dishonesty no one with deeper undestanding of the subject would recommend this book as magical , grand and the like As much as I wanted to love this book especially after the first few chapters I cannot recommend it.

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