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The Joy of X: A Guided Tour of Mathematics, from One to Infinity Award Winning Steven Strogatz, One Of The Foremost Popularisers Of Maths, Has Written A Witty And Fascinating Account Of Maths Most Compelling Ideas And How, So Often, They Are An Integral Part Of Everyday Life Maths Is Everywhere, Often Where We Don T Even Realise Award Winning Professor Steven Strogatz Acts As Our Guide As He Takes Us On A Tour Of Numbers That Unbeknownst To The Unitiated Connect Pop Culture, Literature, Art, Philosophy, Current Affairs, Business And Even Every Day Life In The Joy Of X, Strogatz Explains The Great Ideas Of Maths From Negative Numbers To Calculus, Fat Tails To Infinity With Clarity, Wit And Insight He Is The Maths Teacher You Never Had And This Book Is Perfect For The Smart And Curious, The Expert And The Beginner.

4 thoughts on “The Joy of X: A Guided Tour of Mathematics, from One to Infinity

  1. D. Armstrong D. Armstrong says:

    An entertaining, well written and informative book suitable for folks with little or no background in math, but also for those who know a fair bit of math you will still learn a lot, I suspect Amusingly written, with a pleasing authorial voice.One serious problem with the Kindle edition the extensive and informative notes at the end of the book are not properly linked within the body of the text no reference link

  2. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    At first it seemed that the title Joy of X was spot on It s an admirable goal to inspire readers about mathematics and I found the first few chapters very well written and interesting, with some insight about the primary or middle school level mathematical topics.The writing is decent throughout the book but the quality of the content quickly plunges and each chapter becomes a shallow, broad description of a particular s

  3. Robert Nagle Robert Nagle says:

    I just want to address one matter of how the kindle ebook looks This book has lots of illustrations and formulas as you would expect for a popular approach to math I m reading this on a 9 inch color tablet reading on the kindle app for android Everything renders beautifully Perhaps the rendering isn t as good on e ink devices, but I d bet that the real issue is screen size i.e., a 6 inch device probably would be a struggle to re

  4. HT HT says:

    A few times I ve seen postings on Facebook where people are proud of the fact that they got through another day without using math I m amused but a little sad that they think math is unnecessary in day to day life I wonder if they really didn t use math or did it without thinking of it as math.Or is it true that since they don t have a background in math they just ignore the problems in their lives where math could help Now, I confess I

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