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The Last of the Moon Girls A Novel Of Secrets, Memory, Family, And Forgiveness By The Bestselling Author Of When Never Comes Lizzy Moon Never Wanted Moon Girl Farm Eight Years Ago, She Left The Land That Nine Generations Of Gifted Healers Had Tended, Determined To Distance Herself From The Whispers About Her Family S Strange Legacy But When Her Beloved Grandmother Althea Dies, Lizzy Must Return And Face The Tragedy Still Hanging Over The Farm S Withered Lavender Fields The Unsolved Murders Of Two Young Girls, And The Cruel Accusations That Followed Althea To Her GraveLizzy Wants Nothing Than To Sell The Farm And Return To Her Life In New York, Until She Discovers A Journal Althea Left For Her A Book Of Remembrances Meant To Help Lizzy Embrace Her Own Special Gifts When She Reconnects With Andrew Greyson, One Of The Few In Town Who Believed In Althea S Innocence, She Resolves To Clear Her Grandmother S NameBut To Do So, She Ll Have To Decide If She Can Accept Her Legacy And Whether To Follow In The Footsteps Of All The Moon Women Who Came Before Her

About the Author: Barbara Davis

Author of The Secrets She Carried, The Wishing Tide, Summer at Hideaway Key, Love, Alice Penguin Berkley When Never Comes Lake Union Coming in June 2020, The Last of the Moon Girls Lake Union

10 thoughts on “The Last of the Moon Girls

  1. Eldonna Edwards Eldonna Edwards says:

    I just finished this gorgeous book and was blown away by the artful use of language and skilled storytelling Author Barbara Davis uses a fine brush to draw complex, colorful characters, including a fiercely independent protagonist whose greatest obstacle is her own self limiting beliefs Steeped in equal

  2. Barbara White Barbara White says:

    THE LAST OF THE MOON GIRLS is an intoxicating page turner wrapped around an unsolved double homicide It s the story of Elzibeth, a successful perfume maker with a closely guarded secret she can read people by their scent Her unique gift is a legacy and a curse, because it identifies her as the last in a lo

  3. Bambi Rathman Bambi Rathman says:

    For some people family legacy and history can be something they want no part of This is the case for Lizzy Moon, or her proper name, Elzibeth Moon, She couldn t even have a normal name , the last in the line of gifted healers she s descended from Nine generations have come before her and now it all comes dow

  4. Bette Crosby Bette Crosby says:

    The Last of the Moon Girls is an enchanting tale of letting go and finding forgiveness You will fall in love with Althea s sage advice and her magical Book of Remembrances, and root for Lizzy as she opens up the past to make way for the future A five star must read.

  5. Jenny Belk Jenny Belk says:

    I was most fortunate to receive an advanced reader copy of this exquisite book There aren t enough positive adjectives to express the pleasure I got reading these pages The author has a talent for bringing vivid characters, beautiful settings and weaving heartfelt words into a magical experience This tale is one

  6. Susan Peterson Susan Peterson says:

    Each of us comes in to the world with a story to tell For Lizzy Moon, she thought she knew what her story would be She d left her childhood home with all of its memories and heartaches, and had built a new, successful life for herself When she returns to Moon Girl Farm following the death of her grandmother, old w

  7. Kerry Anne King Kerry Anne King says:

    Woven through the compelling mystery and suspense that keep the pages of The Last Moon Girl turning is a story of a powerful family legacy and the discovery of the best kind of magic that of embracing our own gifts and finding our place in the world A glorious, shimmering read that resonated in my soul long after I

  8. Jackie Jackie says:

    An absolutely enchanting novel with a splash of magic This book shines much brighter than the stars I can rate it I loved the main character Lizzy Moon and her very relatable feelings on her family Filled with mystery from her past she can not move forward until she resolved things she left behind years ago when she l

  9. Terry Terry says:

    I ve read all of Barbara Davis s books The audio version of When Never Comes nursed me as I recovered from my broken wrist in 2018 The Last of Moon Girls, Barbara s latest, is a brilliantly crafted story Tight writing is Barbara s jam, and this book does not disappoint Not only is the story well plotted, but Ms Davis s

  10. Annette Annette says:

    Sometimes you can go back home Lizzie returns to her ancestral home after her Grandma dies There she finds nothing has really changed in the town She s determined to find out the truth to what happened years ago.This book hooked me from page one, kept me turning the pages late lastnight It had mystery, magic and romance I

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