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The Legacy Does The Mystery Behind A Recently Discovered Medieval Manuscript Hold The Secret To The Survival Of The Jewish People Russell Woolfe, A Faded TV Producer, Is Struggling With His Father S Death Deeply Uncomfortable With His Own Jewish Identity, He Is Torn Between Anger With His Father Estranged Over Russell S Marrying A Non Jewish Woman And Grief Over Their Failure To Reconcile At His Father S Memorial Russell Meets Joe Kuchinsky, A Polish Survivor Who Unaccountably Latches On To Him Kuchinsky Claims To Possess An Ancient Hebrew Manuscript That Has Been In His Family For Generations And Which He Wants To Have Translated Before He Dies Kuchinsky Believes Fervently That The Manuscript Contains Some Important Ancient Wisdom Perhaps, Even, The Key To The Survival Of The Jewish People Despite His Doubts, Russell Agrees To Inspect The Manuscript And Tell Kuchinsky What It Contains Thus Begins An International Mystery That Stretches A Thousand Years In The Past, Is Wrapped In The Tragedy Of The Holocaust, And Which Comes To A Startling Conclusion That Has Dire Personal Consequences For Everyone Caught Up In The Saga Filled With Depth And Pathos, The Legacy Is Destined To Become One Of The Most Important Historical Novels Of The St Century

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  1. travel-scenery.co Customer travel-scenery.co Customer says:

    I ve always been interested in Judaism and have spent a month in Jerusalem as a Christian pilgrim , so primarily I came to this book hoping it would give me some idea of what it is to be Jewish in modern Britain Well, the book did that, and much, much .The sub plot which is the story of Eliachim of York personalised the horror of the genocide of English Jews in m

  2. Jonathan Barber Jonathan Barber says:

    I have long admired Melanie Phillip s journalism She talks a lot of sense and demonstrates the weaknesses of the left so called liberal mindset She is of course understandably preoccupied with the situation of Israel and cogently presents an alternative view from that which prevails in much of the main stream media.Her novel The Legacy is worth reading at least once It

  3. Linda Linda says:

    Brilliant and well written novel that encompasses most of the issues surrounding Israel, the Jewish people and the so called Palestinians, with many historical facts cleverly explained within the narrative including issues from World War II and the Holocaust right up to the present day For anyone interested in understanding the true and honest facts without having to plough

  4. B.Black B.Black says:

    I read it immediately, recognised much that was described, but thought it just went on a bit too long towards the end and her critical observation of the Israeli characters rather cruel, there are many pleasant ones I am a before going to sleep reader, and found the chapters disjointed in length, One chapter I think it was 24 seemed to go on and on, Niot quite the same standard a

  5. Lolita Lolita says:

    A very well written, readable and compelling story of one man s journey back to his roots It gives a real insight into what it means to be Jewish both in Europe and Israel, which as a non Jew I found very enlightening The historical elements of the book were also riveting Really accomplished for a first novel I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  6. Junebugs Junebugs says:

    Her first novel, maybe not the last Melanie brings to the light some important questions, that challenge preconceived concepts.She links historical happenings that bridge across the centuries with an age old conundrumWhat is it that is special about the Jewish people, and why are they so hated by so many.

  7. Brian Richman Brian Richman says:

    I have read Melanie Phillips columns, and this is her first novel It is a brilliant read in a comfortable style covering some uncomfortable subjects It won t make comfortable reading to left wing anti semites, but why worry about them She should write novels Probably the best book I have read in decades.

  8. steven wolfin steven wolfin says:

    A Devinchi style odyssey of a manuscript written by a medieval English Jew A Jewish documentary producer estranged from his community returns to his north west London roots for his fathers funeral Where he is approached by a man who reports being a survivor of the Holocaust and claims to be in possession of an ancient Jewish manuscript which he carried with him from second world war Poland A timely insig

  9. Stephen Parker Stephen Parker says:

    I enjoyed reading this novel It s a good first attempt, and I hope she does The main character is likeable and human, and the progression of the story line is believable and engaging.

  10. Bodenhamdigger Bodenhamdigger says:

    I was gripped by this book and read it in two days, all very worrying of course and I hope anti semitism can be purged from the new liberal left soon, otherwise the outlook is bad

  11. Mr Pye Mr Pye says:

    A brilliant interesting and complex tale which has some distressing parts about British history that we have to face up to For a first fiction book it is well written.

  12. aldor aldor says:

    A thoroughly enjoyable read Historically accurate A fictional story with both modern and ancient history intertwined.A who done it with a big twist

  13. carol c carol c says:

    I really enjoyed this A good engaging read A mystery interwoven with history I like Melanie s story telling, it goes along at a good pace and the characters and family dynamics will strike a chord with many Give it a read

  14. B. King B. King says:

    Unputdownable so well written and interesting would give 10 stars if possible

  15. C. Spencer Weatherley C. Spencer Weatherley says:

    Melanie Phillips beating us over the head with her opinions

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