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The Math Behind the Music with CD-ROM (Outlooks) This well written book summarizes topics in music theory that correspond to the mathematics and statistics used in engineering and finance.What it does NOT do, disappointingly, is give much insight into why music communicates and captures emotions For that, I believe, one must consider music to be a form of language different in different cultures, and heard through a filter of our cultural expectations We enjoy music when it plays with those expectations for example, setting up a simple rhythm and then syncopating, or repeating a melody with a twist at the end The first book I ve found that takes on these deeper issues is Aniruddh D Patel, Music, Language, and the Brain Oxford, 2008 , which is far technical To be fair to Harkleroad, there are unanswered questions than simple answers in this field And Harkleroad does explain well why it s unsatisfying to listen to computer generated white noise music or to completely repetitive sound patterns So, a good book, but not an ear opener. Has a lot of good math theory behind the numbers, and is not that difficult to read, assuming you ve had a physics class Very interesting in some parts, too. While not as novel as I expected, there is math involved, clearly explained and presented in appropriate scope and sequence. Mathematics Has Been Used For Centuries To Describe, Analyze, And Create Music In This Book, Leon Harkleroad Explores The Math Related Aspects Of Music From Its Acoustical Bases To Compositional Techniques To Music Criticism, Touching On Overtones, Scales, And Tuning Systems The Musical Dice Game Attributed To Mozart And Haydn The Several Hundred Year Old Style Of Bell Playing Known As Ringing The Changes The Twelve Tone School Of Composition That Strongly Influenced Music Throughout The Twentieth Century And Many Other Topics Involving Mathematical Ideas From Probability Theory To Fourier Series To Group Theory He Also Relates Some Cautionary Tales Of Misguided Attempts To Mix Music And Mathematics Both The Mathematical And The Musical Concepts Are Described In An Elementary Way, Making The Book Accessible To General Readers As Well As To Mathematicians And Musicians Of All Levels The Book Is Accompanied By An Audio CD Of Musical Examples.

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