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The Next Person You Meet in Heaven: The sequel to The Five People You Meet in Heaven While I did read The Five People You Meet in Heaven before reading this sequel, it s not necessary to read Five People in order to understand the Next It definitely would make your reading experience richer to have read both books, but if you don t have access to the first, you can go ahead and read the sequel and then go back for the first one later.I enjoyed the experience of discovering what this book is about what happens and why way too much to in any way compromise another reader s enjoyment or meaningful discoveries It s kind of personal, what each person might take away from the book Instead of outlining what happens, then, let me just give a few words about my reaction or how reading the book impacted me.The book is written thoughtfully it encourages the reader to think about his or her life, other lives he or she has connected with in some way, and to look at a variety of things events or meetings that happen by accident or chance, for just one example in different, fresh ways I liked how the book was written in a thoughtful, compassionate, warm way that encouraged many things Questions and possibly some answers or maybe ideas of reasons why answers could be delayed or unknown , openness not just an open heart, but an open mind , and many other refreshing exercises for the reader s mind and heart.The book, including the ending, is satisfying and inspires courage even when you d rather run away or hide your eyes hope even when you feel like you ve searched for an awfully long time and thought and reasoned and STILL can t figure things out and being okay with missing pieces of yourself along your journey You never know just where or when you ll find one of those missing pieces.I enjoyed The Next Person You Meet in Heaven immensely and I can t imagine forgetting it. Thank you, Mitch Albom, you have done it again Received the book this afternoon and three hrs later, with tears streaming down my face, I finished it Another read that points out how lives are interwoven, no act or gesture is insignificant and can impact another person s entire lifetime Every action has a reaction and reverberates throughout time No action or interaction is meaningless In the end, our questions are answered and understanding is achieved. One life touches another and that life touches the next All endings are also beginnings, we just don t know it at the time Mitch Albom, The Next Person You Meet in Heaven Author Mitch Albom s sequel, The Next Five People You Meet in Heaven, is even better than the first book, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, and there s not many sequels you can say that about and truly mean it I loved the depth of his concept of heaven and the way he told the story in present and past flashbacks It s truly brilliant.The Next Five People You Meet in Heaven is a story about love looking for it, finding it, accepting it, and losing it It s a story about loss and anger, repentance and forgiveness It s a book about understanding About understanding who you are, understanding your life, and accepting your mistakes being grateful for what they taught you It s a book that will cause you to ponder and reflect on your own life, something Mitch Albom is especially good at It shows how life is full of joys and sorrows, love and loss, and how endings are just new beginnings It s inspirational At certain moments, when death is close, the veil pulls back between this world and the next You can see them awaiting your arrival And they can see you coming Mitch Albom, The Next Person You Meet in Heaven When we build, we build on the shoulders of those who came before us And when we fall apart, those who came before us help put us back together Mitch Albom, The Next Person You Meet in Heaven If you truly love someone, you ll find a way back Mitch Albom, The Next Person You Meet in Heaven I preordered this book two months ago I ve read all of Mitch Albom s books and Tuesdays with Morrie is my all time favorite I devoured this one in less than 3 hours and just got done with it I m still crying So creative So moving So uplifting So hopeful So beautiful and unforgettable Mitch Albom, you did it again Edit To Vanessa who reviewed the book can t reply to your review I think that s part of the design of the book His other hardcover books in the past I got First Phone Call From Heaven and The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto look like that as well I can upload photos of them later, if that helps. Mitch Albom Sees The Magical In The Ordinary Cecilia AhernFifteen Years Ago, In Mitch Albom S Beloved Novel, The Five People You Meet In Heaven, The World Fell In Love With Eddie, A Grizzled War Veteran Turned Amusement Park Mechanic Who Died Saving The Life Of A Young Girl Named Annie Eddie S Journey To Heaven Taught Him That Every Life Matters Now, In This Magical Sequel, Mitch Albom Reveals Annie S StoryNo Act Done For Someone Else Is Ever Wasted The Accident That Killed Eddie Left An Indelible Mark On Annie It Took Her Left Hand, Which Needed To Be Surgically Reattached Injured, Scarred, And Unable To Remember Why, Annie S Life Is Forever Changed By A Guilt Ravaged Mother Who Whisks Her Away From The World She Knew Bullied By Her Peers And Haunted By Something She Cannot Recall, Annie Struggles To Find Acceptance As She Grows When, As A Young Woman, She Reconnects With Paulo, Her Childhood Love, She Believes She Has Finally Found HappinessAs The Novel Opens, Annie Is Marrying Paulo But When Her Wedding Night Day Ends In An Unimaginable Accident, Annie Finds Herself On Her Own Heavenly Journey And An Inevitable Reunion With Eddie, One Of The Five People Who Will Show Her How Her Life Mattered In Ways She Could Not Have FathomedPoignant And Beautiful, Filled With Unexpected Twists, The Next Person You Meet In Heaven Reminds Us That Not Only Does Every Life Matter, But That Every Ending Is Also A Beginning We Only Need To Open Our Eyes To See It Mitch Albom Lifts Us To A New Level FRANK MCCOURT, AUTHOR OF ANGELA S ASHES Simply Told, Sentimental And Profoundly True PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

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