The Original Area Mazes, Volume 2: 100 More Addictive Puzzles to Solve with Simple Math--And Clever Logic! ePUB –

The Original Area Mazes, Volume 2: 100 More Addictive Puzzles to Solve with Simple Math--And Clever Logic! A couple of years ago I took the first book on holiday with me this year I took the second I started doing 10 a day and then cut down to 5 a day from level 4 up There are 5 levels of difficulty and by the time I reached level 5, I was at my limits The puzzles deal only in whole numbers and logic Often I would spend some time looking at the puzzle before finally spotting the way in. I m a huge puzzle fan, and I enjoy these than Sudoku, or any other logic puzzle I ve tried so far Their elegant simplicity is amazing no algebra or higher math required, or even decimals or fractions Everything is simple integer math, and the only equation you need to know is area length x height Some of them the best ones it just doesn t seem like they ve given you enough information to solve, but if you keep at it you finally get that ah HA moment I ve spent days staring at some These are so clever, and fun Make sure you pick up volume 1 too I hope there s a volume 3 soon. Love this stuff, very addictive This volume of The Original Area Mazes Volume 2 was quite enjoyable for me Given my level of geometric insight intuition which is not impressive I found that this book was difficult enough for me to be very rewarding oftentimes rather challenging , and I solved all the 100 problems without any help from the explanations in the back of the book.I had already done Volume 1 of the book with this title Both books were, for me, an intriguing way to challenge my aging brain This sort of puzzle book is, for me, the most enjoyable puzzle book I ve ever encountered For those who want to test and maybe challenge their spatial reasoning abilities and sharpen their elementary mathematical skills, this book might be the ideal one to buy Solving such puzzles can be a good way of sharpening your thinking skills It s challenging and fun I would recommend it to spatial logical mathematical puzzle lovers. As a math teacher and puzzle enthusiast, I am always on the lookout for new logic puzzles to do in my spare time and to share with my students I came across these new Japanese area puzzles awhile ago and purchased a gook at my local bookstore I really enjoy doing these puzzles but they are hard to find I was excited to find this second volume of the book I originally purchased I think these books are the only real source of these puzzles in the United States I have used them with my high school math students as a warmup and they enjoyed them as well. The Rules Are Simple The Math Is Easy The Puzzles Get Harder And Harder Hooked On Area Mazes YOURE IN LUCK Volume Two Delivers Puzzles Your Quest Is To Navigate A Network Of Rectangles To Find A Missing Value Just Remember Area Length WidthUse Spatial Reasoning To Find Helpful RelationshipsWhole Numbers Are All You Need You Can Always Get The Answer Without Using Fractions Originally Invented For Gifted Students, Area Mazes Have Taken All Of Japan By Storm Are You A Sudoku Fanatic Do You Play Brain Games To Stay Sharp Did You Love Geometry Or Would You Like To Finally Show It Whos Boss Try Area Mazesthey Could Be Just What Youre Craving

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