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The Portable February Running The Gamut In Topic And Style From Faux Political To FauxNew Yorker, David Bermans Lo Fi Cartoons Incorporate Strains Of High And Low Comedy, Wistful Americana, Contemporary Art, Dream Visions, And A Visual Analog To The Semipenetrable Personal Allusions Found In His Music And Poetry His Drawings Invite The Same Deeper Thought As His Writings, Making Use Of Wordplay, Cultural References, And Offbeat Observations The Sparse Illustrations Are Complemented By Poignant One Liners, And Reveal Moments Of Lightness Within The Authors Dark Humor, Providing A Wry, Erudite Commentary On American Culture I guess because David Berman s name is attached to this it got published but this book is a waste of time and money Obviously he cannot draw but even the captions are just dumb.Maybe he could be not be so lazy and write something new instead of having a stupid blog He likes to degrade his father but his money was good enough to pay for his rehab.He is an immensely talented writer but what has he done like 6 albums in 15 years and one book of poetry and this drivel My partner loves this gift David Berman frickin rocks I bought ten of these and give these out to people I love when they come over Then I buy ten.

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