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The Power of Habit A Young Woman Walks Into A Laboratory Over The Past Two Years, She Has Transformed Almost Every Aspect Of Her Life She Has Quit Smoking, Run A Marathon, And Been Promoted At Work The Patterns Inside Her Brain, Neurologists Discover, Have Fundamentally Changed.Marketers At Procter Gamble Study Videos Of People Making Their Beds They Are Desperately Trying To Figure Out How To Sell A New Product Called Febreze, On Track To Be One Of The Biggest Flops In Company History Suddenly, One Of Them Detects A Nearly Imperceptible Pattern And With A Slight Shift In Advertising, Febreze Goes On To Earn A Billion Dollars A Year.An Untested CEO Takes Over One Of The Largest Companies In America His First Order Of Business Is Attacking A Single Pattern Among His Employees How They Approach Worker Safety And Soon The Firm, Alcoa, Becomes The Top Performer In The Dow Jones.What Do All These People Have In Common They Achieved Success By Focusing On The Patterns That Shape Every Aspect Of Our Lives They Succeeded By Transforming Habits.In The Power Of Habit, Award Winning New York Times Business Reporter Charles Duhigg Takes Us To The Thrilling Edge Of Scientific Discoveries That Explain Why Habits Exist And How They Can Be Changed With Penetrating Intelligence And An Ability To Distill Vast Amounts Of Information Into Engrossing Narratives, Duhigg Brings To Life A Whole New Understanding Of Human Nature And Its Potential For Transformation Along The Way We Learn Why Some People And Companies Struggle To Change, Despite Years Of Trying, While Others Seem To Remake Themselves Overnight We Visit Laboratories Where Neuroscientists Explore How Habits Work And Where, Exactly, They Reside In Our Brains We Discover How The Right Habits Were Crucial To The Success Of Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, And Civil Rights Hero Martin Luther King, Jr We Go Inside Procter Gamble, Target Superstores, Rick Warren S Saddleback Church, NFL Locker Rooms, And The Nation S Largest Hospitals And See How Implementing So Called Keystone Habits Can Earn Billions And Mean The Difference Between Failure And Success, Life And Death.At Its Core, The Power Of Habit Contains An Exhilarating Argument The Key To Exercising Regularly, Losing Weight, Raising Exceptional Children, Becoming Productive, Building Revolutionary Companies And Social Movements, And Achieving Success Is Understanding How Habits Work Habits Aren T Destiny As Charles Duhigg Shows, By Harnessing This New Science, We Can Transform Our Businesses, Our Communities, And Our Lives.

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  1. sleeps9hours sleeps9hours says:

    I just read Kelly McGonigal s The Willpower Instinct , so I can t help but compare the two.Duhigg is an investigative reporter for the NY Times, while McGonigal is a research psychologist, and the differences come across in the writing McGonigal has a much better grasp on the research and how to apply it, while Duhigg brings in stories that are entertaining but stretch his powers of interpretation His most annoying stylisti

  2. K K says:

    Read this because of fascinating NYT magazine excerpt on how Target tracks our buying habits The rest of the book is not as compelling anecdotes sometimes don t support particular arguments he s attempting to illustrate the Hey Ya examples being the most egregious , and his section on how social movements occur is weak and unconvincing, and not really about habits, per se Style and structure were often clunky, and the book seems a

  3. Robert Chapman Robert Chapman says:

    This is great book, and you need to read it How is that for a definitive opening line The reason it s such a good book is because it uses research to explain how habits are formed and changed Everyone knows someone who was out of shape, or was a smoker, and then in what appeared as if almost overnight, changed themselves in a short period of time How did they do that They formed new habits and changed old ones, that s how.Do something enou

  4. Rhianna Rhianna says:

    This may be a crappy review since its going up via iPhone Sorry First caveat I work in research A big part of my job is creating these habit loops and seeing if they can be altered or enhanced via medication Second caveat I m a nerd and love journal articles, scientific writing, and technical reading, even off the job.Third caveat I only got to chapter eight I honestly don t know what I was expecting By far and large, when there s big buzz about a

  5. Trevor Trevor says:

    I need to start with the obvious this guy is one of those writers One of those writers that make you want to track him down and hurt him And not just him, maybe even his pets too He assumes you are as thick as dog shit and that you won t get what it is he is talking about unless he makes it painfully PAINFULLY clear He has missed his calling He really should have gone into the self help book market let s face it, assuming your readers are dumb in that mar

  6. Riku Sayuj Riku Sayuj says:

    Nothing Succeeds Like Success A Case StudyHey Have you heard of Thomas Baker How about Carol Wright Chris Cameron Vineet Shaw Let us discuss Baker.Thomas Baker was an average joe, but not without ambitions A few years ago, acting on a tip, Tom, a competitive enough guy, decided to take his life into his own hands What s , he decided to pick up one Self help book and this time follow up thoroughly on it No holds barred He asked around, looked in that wonderful si

  7. Nandakishore Varma Nandakishore Varma says:

    I remember reading a story by the famous Malayalam writer Padmarajan called Oru Sameepakala Durantham A Tragedy of Recent Times It tells of a housing colony in Kerala, bitten by the exercise bug in the early eighties Someone gets up before sunrise and starts jogging Soon, he is joined by and people until the whole colony is out running, every day This leaves the houses unattended which comes to the notice of a group of thieves and they conduct a spate of early m

  8. Chad Warner Chad Warner says:

    This long winded book explains how habits form in individuals, organizations, and social groups Despite the intriguing premise, the verbose anecdotes left me screaming, I get the point already A better book or article would have resulted from taking the appendix a short, practical guide to changing a habit and adding some of the psychological research and a few brief examples After I wrote this review, I discovered Charles Duhigg s New York Times article, which is basically w

  9. Johnny Johnny says:

    Judging from the prologue of The Power of Habit Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business, the first thing necessary in modifying one s behavior is to note the actual components of that behavior The author cites a visit with a military officer in charge of normalizing a village Kufa in Iraq The officer started by observing video of how riots began and noticed that the trouble usually broke out after people had milled around for a while and food trucks and spectators arrived He ch

  10. Elyse Walters Elyse Walters says:

    Our local book club read this a few years ago I thought I had a review.perhaps it disappeared Maybe it s still here I saw a friend currently reading it I thought this book explained some useful information Talked about success through good habits organizational skills addictions habits hard to break and how to create new ones lots of repetition some basic common sense but also good tidbits and even validation in some areas The personal stories of people s lives were interesting and my favorite

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