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The Remedy (Program) Absolutely love this book so this rating is not towards the quality and artistry of this amazing series However, I got to page 312 only to realize that I was missing pages 313 344 Then also come to realize that pages 345 376 were duplicated Not very happy. Can One Girl Take On So Many Identities Without Losing Her Own Find Out In This Riveting Companion To The Program And The New York Times Bestselling The TreatmentIn A World Before The Program Quinlan McKee Is A Closer Since The Age Of Seven, Quinn Has Held The Responsibility Of Providing Closure To Grieving Families With A Special Skillshe Can Become Anyone Recommended By Grief Counselors, Quinn Is Hired By Families To Take On The Short Term Role Of A Deceased Loved One Between The Ages Of Fifteen And Twenty Shes Not An Exact Copy, Of Course, But She Wears Their Clothes And Changes Her Hair, Studies Them Through Pictures And Videos, And Soon, Quinn Can Act Like Them, Smell Like Them, And Be Them For All Intents And Purposes But To Do Her Job Successfully, She Cant Get Attached Now Seventeen, Quinn Is Deft At Recreating Herself, Sometimes Confusing Her Own Past With Those Of The People Shes Portrayed When Shes Given Her Longest Assignment, Playing The Role Of Catalina Barnes, Quinn Begins To Bond With The Deceased Girls Boyfriend But Thats Only The Beginning Of The Complications, Especially When Quinn Finds Out The Truth About Catalinas Death And The Epidemic It Could Start The Program series is just such an amazing series It s so beautiful and raw and I wish people knew about it I loved the remedy and loved getting to know quinn and decan I couldn t see any of the twists coming that came in this book And as I continue to read this series by Suzanne Young I just fall in love and with the characters and with her writing style. The Remedy stands on its own as an excellent book I purchased an e copy without a clue that it was part of a wider series, and I enjoyed it tremendously.The concept is original and compelling The Closer is a therapeutically trained stand in for a loved one who has been lost The Closer has natural empathy and refined talents at mimicry They gently guide back those who have been thrown to the edge of the abyss by tragedy.By its nature, the book has a lot to say about the grief process, and the goals of a healer caring for those who suffer from a wound that can never truly be healed Grief and healing paths are elements upon which Suzanne Young builds her compelling story, but what dominates and drives the story is skilled character conception and development From the earliest pages, you care about the characters They take on a unique life and humanity Add in a whirlwind of plot twists, and place it all within a dystopic society that cares less about human rights than it does about forcing role conformity, and you have a can t put it down read.Here are some of the questions the story deals with What would it be like to live in a world where individual privacy was considered to be a danger to the government Where even the youngest school children are compelled to journal their lives only to have these intimacies coldly scrutinized and cataloged by a heartless ruling class What would it feel like to see a loved one, lost to tragedy, live again Not only looking like the person you lost, but also speaking like them, acting like them To know that the person was gone, but to see them essentially reincarnated by a Closer who was privy to their innermost thoughts and emotions To grasp onto that person like a life preserver, while knowing that like Cinderella s carriage, the stand in version would vanish forever in a few short days What would you say to them Would you eat favorite foods together with them, or sob out feelings of guilt and rage, or recoil at the Doppelganger that only great need and great wealth can afford What would it feel like be be a Closer Would you lose out on the chance to live life yourself Would you become immersed in your own skills at enabling suspension of disbelief until you had lost your own soul If there was such a therapy, and if it began as well intentioned, might it be misused by the greedy and sociopathic Far from offering cold academic answers, Suzanne Young has woven a tale marked by intensely human bonds, and driven by her character s relationships.With a style that manages to depict conflicted emotions without becoming maudlin or operatic, I commend Ms Young on her skilled plotting, and masterful pacing.I think you will love this YA read. The Remedy is like a prequel to the first two books in this series, unexpectedly backing the reader up and fleshing out the circumstances that led to the development of The Program Quinn is a likable, pitiable character and Young doesn t pull punches as she explores the commodification of human empathy, and its effect on the closers mental health I didn t expect to like this book, but it s been my favorite in the series so far, particularly for the chilling twist that I didn t see coming.

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