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The Rest of the Story (English Edition) From Number One New York Times Bestselling Author Sarah Dessen Comes A Big Hearted Novel About A Girl Who Reconnects With A Part Of Her Family She Hasnt Seen Since She Was A Little Girl And Falls In Love, All Over The Course Of A Magical Summer Emma Saylor Doesnt Remember A Lot About Her Mother, Who Died When She Was Ten But She Does Remember The Stories Her Mom Told Her About The Big Lake That Went On ForeverNow Its Just Emma And Her Dad, And Life Is Good, If A Little Predictable Until Emma Is Unexpectedly Sent To Spend The Summer With Her Mothers Family Her Grandmother And Cousins She Hasnt Seen Since She Was A Little GirlWhen Emma Arrives At The Lake, And Spends Time With Her Mothers Side Of The Family, She Starts To Feel Like She Is Two Different People To Her Father, She Is Emma But To Her New Family, She Is Saylor, The Name Her Mother Always Called HerThen Theres Roo, The Boy Who Was Her Very Best Friend When She Was Little Roo Holds The Key To Her Familys History, And Slowly, He Helps Her Put The Pieces Together About Her Past Its Hard Not To Get Caught Up In The Magic Of The Lake And Saylor Finds Herself Falling Under Roos Spell As WellBut When Its Finally Time To Go Back Home, Which Side Of Emma Saylor Will Win

15 thoughts on “The Rest of the Story (English Edition)

  1. Iza Iza says:

    I love Sarah Dessen s books Been reading them for years But this one kind of missed the mark.Our heroine, Emma Saylor didn t have the perfect childhood She knew next to nothing about her mom and her life She only remembered the stories she d tell her The ones about a lake.Fate has it, Emma Saylor has the opportunity of

  2. Emma @ The Book Crunch Emma @ The Book Crunch says:

    I often forget how wonderful contemporary YA books can be there s just something so nice about being able to pick up a book and not have to think too hard about the world it s set in, or really having to focus due to super complex writing that sometimes comes with reading fantasy Don t get me wrong, fantasy will always be my mos

  3. Aisha Reads Books Aisha Reads Books says:

    I m 24 now and I remember reading Sarah Dessen books since I was about 12.She really understands how to write stories with young people, and how to make people of all ages care about it I m so glad we all get to keep reading Sarah Dessen books I once stated I ll never stop reading YA and as long as Sarah keeps writing I know that s true

  4. stg2bio.co Customer stg2bio.co Customer says:

    Always love Sarah Dessen Always worth the money

  5. Kristin Kristin says:

    Fantastic story line I was drawn in right away and invested all the way to the end.

  6. Laura Laura says:

    Llego en tiempo y forma.

  7. Lefebvre Lefebvre says:

    J ai d vor ce superbe roman Facile lire, belle histoire.

  8. Tiffany Tiffany says:

    I ve been a fan of Sarah Dessen novels ever since I was in high school, and needless to say her books always hit me right in the heart and still manage to make me emotional with just a well worded, thought provoking phrase I have every one of her novels, but I had a hard time connecting to the characters and storyline of her most recently written novels, especially The Moon and More When

  9. Lori Lori says:

    No spoilers No story details This, simply, is a wonderful story of family It s written beautifully and, while being complete, leaves you wanting If this was a difficult story to write, it doesn t show Thank you, Ms Dessen, for sharing The Rest of the Story I look forward to others.

  10. Pink Amy Pink Amy says:

    If I had to describe THE REST OF THE STORY in one word, I d use pleasant Emma Saylor stays with her estranged grandmother Mimi, while her father and stepmother honeymoon overseas Emma doesn t recognize her upper middle class privilege until she meets the working class maternal side of her family in the lakeside community Despite losing her mother to an unintentional overdose, Emma has no idea how privileged

  11. Brylee Vining Brylee Vining says:

    I was not impressed by this purchase The story is very monotone young adult fiction.

  12. Robyn The Sweet Robyn The Sweet says:

    Interesting storyline, interesting characters, what could you ask for My first Sarah Dressen read won t be my last Going to work my way backwards.

  13. Kristy Kristy says:

    I love love love Sarah Dessen, so was super excited for a new book That being said, this one is probably my least favorite I still enjoyed it and obviously still a huge fan of hers but I would recommend many of her other books before this one.Warning, spoilers to follow.It really bothered me how many things were unanswered in this book, the closure just didn t feel like closure The baby wasn t born, the sergeant didn t get back, we don

  14. Amanda Scott Amanda Scott says:

    Can t seem to get into this one The story line is sweet enough but nothing is catching my interest, no anticipation of anything at all

  15. Teresa Ramseur Teresa Ramseur says:

    I ve been a fan of Sarah Dessen s work for along time, from my mid teens and now into my adult years, although I have not cared for some of her recent novels as much, I decided to buy this one, after reading several reviews, both good and bad, as the premise got my attention And I m glad I didd, as it proved to be a deeply emotional story, that pulled me in right away, in fact, I have devoured this particular book in a matter of days It actually reminded

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