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The Silent Musician: Why Conducting Matters (English Edition) A Conductor Is One Of Classical Music S Most Recognizable Figures Many People Who Have Never Actually Been To An Orchestral Concert Have An Image Of What One Looks Like But Rarely Does Such A Well Known Profession Attract So Many Questions Surely Orchestras Can Play Perfectly Well Without You Do You Really Make Any Difference To The Performance This Book Is Not Intended To Be An Instruction Manual For Conductors, Nor Is It A History Of Conducting It Is For All Who Wonder What Conductors Actually Do Exploring The Relationships With The Musicians And Music They Conduct, And The Public And Personal Responsibilities They Face, Leading Conductor Mark Wigglesworth Writes With Engaging Honesty About The Role For Any Music Lover Curious To Know Whether Or Not The Profession Really Matters

3 thoughts on “The Silent Musician: Why Conducting Matters (English Edition)

  1. little lady little lady says:

    As a musician this book meant a lot to me It is filled with sublime insights into music, art and life itself, and what it is to be a conductor Every orchestral player should read it.

  2. Algonquin Debris Algonquin Debris says:

    A thoughtful and perceptive discussion of all aspects of the conductors role Worthwhile reading for any lover of classical music.

  3. Charles M. Wyzanski Charles M. Wyzanski says:

    As some one who attends concerts with increasing age, regularity, and pleasure, I found this book both most enlightening and a joy to read In the acknowledgements, we learn that both the author s parents are professional writers and this may explain at some of the confidence of expression but just as extraordinary and beguiling are the keen appreciation of not only the role of th

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