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The Singing Guru: Legends and Adventures of Guru Nanak, the First Sikh (Sikh Saga) Part Fiction, History, And Mythology, This Unconventional Retelling Of The Life Of Divine Spiritual Master Guru Nanak, Founder Of The Sikh Religion And Revered By Muslims And Hindus Alike, Provides An Intimate Look At The Enlightened Guru While Bringing His Ancient Wisdom To A Modern AudienceFrom The Best Selling Author OfGanesha Goes To LunchandRumis Tales From The Silk Roadcomes An Original Novel About The Life And Travels Of Guru Nanak, A Musician, Enlightened Thinker, And One Of The Most Beloved Figures In Eastern Spirituality In This Fascinating Book, Kamla K Kapur Weaves Together Facts, Legends, Folktales, Myths, And Over Forty Of Guru Nanaks Poemspreserved In The Sikh Holy Book, The Granth Sahibto Form This Captivating Depiction Of The Leaders Life From Being Seduced By Deadly Women To Almost Getting Eaten By Cannibals, The Exciting Account Presented InThe Singing Guruincludes Moral Tales Without Being Proselytizing Factual Details Are Intermingled With Fantasy To Produce A Symbolic Portrait In Which Humor And Imagination Combine To Convey A Profound And Entertaining Spiritual Narrative Kamla has done a stunning job in bringing to life the stories of Guru Nanak I am enjoying it immensely and highly recommend this treasure.I just finished reading Kamla s book I am so impressed I love her sense of humor We all can find a bit of ourselves in Mardana, the narrator of the story, with all his very human qualities And even though Baba Nanak seems otherworldly, Kamla also lets us see his human ness and struggles through his family relations A wonderful read I can t wait until the next book As one quite unfamiliar with the origins of the Sikh religion I found Kamla Kapur s The Singing Guru a fascinating and thoroughly entertaining window that invites the reader to learn while even in itself providing opportunities to consider the Guru Nanak s wisdom as it might apply to my own worldview and that of other non religious folk Although I suppose that some fictional elements have been introduced I am confident the basis of these many tales is true to what scholars know of Guru Nanak s contributions as the first of the ten significant guru s who over several hundred years strengthened and codified the tenets of today s Sikhism.I ve had the honor of meeting the author in her homes both in California and Himachal Pradesh, and, later reading her work, am not at all surprised by her ability to bring out the essence of the Guru s messages in simple but elegant prose Her choice of illustrating the Teacher s lessons through the all too human failings of his occasionally disloyal attendant Mardana is engaging, entertaining and ultimately very successful Even if this might be your only entry to the principles of Sikhism I recommend it highly as a delightful introduction to the values and beliefs of a remarkably large number of people over 27 million who have played and continue to play a crucial part in the culture and politics of India.Please also consider other works by Kamla, including the light hearted but ultimately profound treatment of one of Hinduism s key characters in Ganeesh Goes to Lunch. Interesting read I found it captivating and motivational The morals presented in each story make it a worthwhile read. Guru Nanak is revered as a great saint not just by Sikhs, but by Hindus as well I have travelled to India many times, and pictures of him adorn the walls of stores and restaurants all over northern India I have even seen them in Indian homes here in the USA.Who was this great man, whose spirit gave birth to a new religion and who 600 years later continues to inspire so many It was with this question in mind that I read The Singing Guru I was not looking for a mere biography of the man, but for a book that would give me a taste of the enlightenment which he embodied I was not disappointed Several times, certain passages in the book stirred in me a recollection or recognition of the eternal light which resided in Nanak s heart, of which we are all a manifestation I m sure other readers have had and will have this experience as well.I particularly enjoyed the narrator, a disciple of Nanak s named Mardana, a Muslim in fact, who was his traveling companion and musical accompanist Mardana is like the rest of us He cannot help being inspired and elevated by Nanak s presence, but his desires and egocentrism soon pull him down I m sure you will chuckle as you recognize yourself in him, as I did Is Mardana capable one day of enlightenment Are we Nanak said yes, and one feels this to be true.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Singing Guru: Legends and Adventures of Guru Nanak, the First Sikh (Sikh Saga) book, this is one of the most wanted Kamla K Kapur author readers around the world.

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