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The Story of More: How We Got to Climate Change and Where to Go from Here From The Bestselling Author Of Lab Girlcomes A Slim, Urgent Missive On The Defining Issue Of Our Time Here Is Hope Jahren On Climate Change, Our Timeless Pursuit Of , And How The Same Human Ambition That Got Us Here Can Also Be Our Salvation Hope Jahren Is An Award Winning Geobiologist, A Brilliant Writer, And One Of The Seven Billion People With Whom We Share This Earth The Story Of More Is Her Impassioned Open Letter To Humanity As We Stand At The Crossroads Of Survival And Extinction Jahren Celebrates The Long History Of Our Enterprising Spirit Which Has Tamed Wild Crops, Cured Diseases, And Sent Us To The Moon But Also Shows How That Spirit Has Created Excesses That Are Quickly Warming Our Planet To Dangerous Levels In Short, Highly Readable Chapters, She Takes Us Through The Science Behind The Key Inventions From Electric Power To Large Scale Farming And Automobiles That, Even As They Help Us, Release Untenable Amounts Of Carbon Dioxide Into The Atmosphere She Explains The Current And Projected Consequences Of Greenhouse Gases From Superstorms To Rising Sea Levels And Shares The Science Based Tools That Could Help Us Fight Back At Once An Explainer On The Mechanisms Of Warming And A Capsule History Of Human Development, The Story Of More Illuminates The Link Between Our Consumption Habits And Our Endangered Earth It Is The Essential Pocket Primer On Climate Change That Will Leave An Indelible Impact On Everyone Who Reads It

About the Author: Hope Jahren

HOPE JAHREN is an award winning scientist who has been pursuing independent research in paleobiology since 1996, when she completed her PhD at UC Berkeley and began teaching and researching first at the Georgia Institute of Technology and then at Johns Hopkins University She is the recipient of three Fulbright Awards and is one of four scientists, and the only woman, to have been awarded both of

10 thoughts on “The Story of More: How We Got to Climate Change and Where to Go from Here

  1. Kelly Kelly says:

    One sixth of the global population uses of the world s energy and half the world s electricity They re responsible for of the world s carbon dioxide emissions, of the world s meat consumption, and of the world s sugar consumption It s statistics and data like this that Jahren breaks down for readers in a book that s meant not to terrify readers a

  2. David Wineberg David Wineberg says:

    A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down is a concise description of The Story of More Hope Jahren has written a passionate, direct and searing indictment of what Man has made of this planet in just her lifetime She repeats at least 20 times she was born in 1969 And yet, every chapter there are 19 begins with a nostalgic look at her childhood

  3. Heather Heather says:

    I received an early release copy of The Story of More by Hope Jahren.In her latest book, The Story of More, Hope Jahren provides all the warning sirens people paying attention would expect in a book on climate change, and she does it with equal amounts of careful research and human experiences The book is broken into four sections with an appendix th

  4. Brian Brian says:

    The Story of More by Hope Jahren award winning author of Lab Girl is a unique account of humanity s increased production and consumption across the last 50 years of industrialization Jahren tells this story through the lens of her own life, growing up in America s heartland in a town best known for slaughtering hogs, to paint a vivid photorealist paint

  5. Moses Moses says:

    The Story of More is a well researched, well written, conversation about how the world has changed in Dr Jahren s short time on this Earth It s a conversation about how the Earth has changed in the million or so years for which we have ice cores It s a conversation about how the Earth has changed betweenpick a timeand now.I say, conversation, because lik

  6. Connie Lindstrom Connie Lindstrom says:

    This review is based on an advance reader s copy of The Story of More This topic interests me as a layperson, so I have read a number of books on varying aspects of it I am a financial analyst for the biofuels industry and have lived all my life in the Midwestern part of the United States, so I have a particular interest in farming and how agriculture affe

  7. Mark Mark says:

    This much can be said unequivocally The Story of More How We Got to Climate Change and Where to Go from Here by Hope Jahren should be required reading for all politicians and policy makers who govern decisions and actions related to how we treat our planet In particular, it should be mandated reading for individuals among that group who are grossly ig

  8. Terry McGlynn Terry McGlynn says:

    The promises are high when one of the best writers about climate science, Elizabeth Kolbert, blurbs the book, Hope Jahren asks the central question of our time how can we learn to live on a finite planet The Story of More is thoughtful, informative, and above all essential I think the book lived up to the praise.It s a first person narrative, illuminated by Ja

  9. Dawn Dawn says:

    This would be useful if Jahren emphasized the technologies that are saving the environment rather than the ones that caused the problems in the first place We don t need a history lesson We need solutions, and that s not going to come with hand wringing regrets.Also, carbon dioxide is not the problem excess CO2 is responsible for a great deal of much needed gre

  10. Libriar Libriar says:

    An important book for an important time The first 1 3rd of the book focused on food and how what we eat contributes to climate change I found those parts the most interesting Jahren never made me feel overly guilty but stated her cases in such a way that had me thinking of things I could change in my life Jahren reads the audiobook and does a good job but I would

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