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The Study of Counterpoint: From Johann Joseph Fux's Gradus ad Parnassum The Most Celebrated Book On Counterpoint Is Fux S Great Theoretical Work Gradus Ad Parnassum Since Its Appearance In , It Has Been Used By And Has Directly Influenced The Work Of Many Of The Greatest Composers JS Bach Held It In High Esteem, Leopold Mozart Trained His Famous Son From Its Pages, Haydn Worked Out Every Lesson With Meticulous Care, And Beethoven Condensed It Into An Abstract For Ready Reference An Impressive List Of Nineteenth Century Composers Subscribed To Its Second Edition, And In Recent Times Paul Hindemith Said, Perhaps The Craft Of Composition Would Really Have Fallen Into Decline If Fux S Gradus Had Not Set Up A Standard Originally Written In Latin, Steps To Parnassus Was Translated Into The Principal European Languages, But The Only English Version Was A Free Paraphrase Published In The Present Translation By Alfred Mann Is Therefore The First Faithful Rendering In English From The Original Latin And Presents The Essence Of Fux S Teachings For Its Distinction As A Classic And Its Undiminished Usefulness For The Modern Student It Is A Privilege To Offer This Fine Translation In The Norton Library

6 thoughts on “The Study of Counterpoint: From Johann Joseph Fux's Gradus ad Parnassum

  1. Maestro Maestro says:

    Un cl sico Generaciones y generaciones de compositores han estudiado con este libro que adem s de completo, es ameno de leer Una versi n accesible y econ mica, con el buen formato que es t pico en Dover.

  2. DLB DLB says:

    This is the most concise and practical book I ve ever read on the study and practice of counterpoint.Other books I ve read and studied tried to cover too much theory along with the study of counterpoint.The book is short.But it is the ONLY book you will need on counterpoint Why Because the book is about counterpoint, pe

  3. Rehu Rehu says:

    Read the almost indecipherable book on Counterpoint that Walter Piston wrote, and you will gain an incredible appreciation for the straight forward, lucid, and plain spoken approach Johann Fux had with his writings It s ironic that this book, written hundreds of years before Pinton s 20th century work, is so much approachable Fu

  4. Peter John Peter John says:

    Fascinating to learn the basis of counterpoint, some really interesting things come out of it Like how inverted chords were thought of in this era not as inverted chords but as a solution to a line of counterpoint Or the importance of imperfect and perfect consonances and their resolutions being the basis of all counterpoint.Really cool to

  5. mixtapeclothing.co.uk Customer mixtapeclothing.co.uk Customer says:

    A knowledge of counterpoint that is how notes maneuver with and around each other , is essential for good composition and arranging Your writing will sound and play so much better if you get the notes in the right places and this is what counterpoint is about This book will show you how to do this from the ground up, from the simple to the complex

  6. Steven Bastien Steven Bastien says:

    Great book I find the Socratic discussion approach a little annoying at times, but it does force one to slow down and try to absorb the ideas better Also, a few sections are a little confusing for example, the discussion about the difference between harmonic and arithmetic fourths , but with a little help from google, this is a minor issue.

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