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The Study of Orchestration Excelente y sencillo para cualquier estudiante de composici n La pasta es dura y las hojas de excelente calidad. A very complete and well written introduction to the craft of orchestration Some sections are greatly expanded from the third edition, and some are barely touched at all.The publisher takes the book into the digital era by replacing the accompanying CD with a website where you can listen to the examples HOWEVER, hidden in the small print of the user agreement it says that you only get access to the media files for one year If you want to have access to the files after that time, you have to pay another 40 dollars per year that you want to access them They never advertise this at the time of sale, which I think is very misleading.It is clear that the publisher does not offer this upgrade for the user s convenience, but rather to squeeze money out of the pockets of their primarily student audience Until they address this issue, you re probably better off buying the third edition, which comes with a regular CD that never expires.EDIT 4 Oct 2017 A year after this review I can confirm that my access has expired I now have the option to add another 180 days NOT an entire year as reported earlier for 40 The website also says that my access expired 3 months after buying the book, as opposed to the one year I read in the user agreement Please draw your own conclusions. Great textbook, and should prove to be a good reference book in the future A definite keeper. For students studying Music, particularly film music in our Higher Education Music courses The Study of Orchestration One reason I was willing to pay for this extremely expensive book was that the ad promised that The Fourth Edition invites students to experience the instruments through online audio and video recordings and now offers coverage of writing for band note NO INDICATION THAT YOU WOULD HAVE TO PAY FOR ACCESS When the book came, it had a card in it with the web site URL, a password, and instructions for setting up your access with NO INDICATION THAT YOU WOULD HAVE TO PAY FOR ACCESS I went through the process in question, with NO INDICATION THAT YOU WOULD HAVE TO PAY FOR ACCESS Then after a year, I found my access blocked, and a message that if I wanted to keep access you better give us some money, bub.They can of course charge for their web site access if they want to But to advertise that the extremely high price of this book includes web access with NO INDICATION THAT YOU WOULD HAVE TO PAY FOR ACCESS and then to include instructions for access in the book with NO INDICATION THAT YOU WOULD HAVE TO PAY FOR ACCESS and then to have you go through the registration process with NO INDICATION THAT YOU WOULD HAVE TO PAY FOR ACCESS and then to spring it on you later that to keep access you have to give them still money than the unconscionably high price they have already charged in other words, TO SELL YOU A TRIAL SUBSCRIPTION WHILE ALLOWING YOU TO ASSUME IT IS A PERMANENT SUBSCRIPTION is very clearly unethical This company ought to be ashamed of itself. I m just looking at the book for the first time, but as a string player myself, I can already tell that the book hasn t been proofread very carefully especially for a 4th edition I ve already encountered a number of errors and inaccuracies a lot of them having to do with fingerings on string instruments , and it makes me wonder if there will be errors relating to other instruments that I m less familiar with that will therefore be difficult for me to catchOverall though, it seems like a useful resource to have And I agree with the other reviews that making you pay to extend the access to the examples online is totally bogus I guess it s geared towards people using the book for one semester and then just forgetting about it, but for those of us who d like to keep referring to the examples in the book, it s really annoying. Very useful None of my classmates would sell their old one to me and after reading it and taking a class on instrumentation I see why Tons of information Tons of examples If you have any question on instrumentation the answer will be in this book. I needed this for my orchestration class and I kept it because it has a looooot of great information in it Great working book, ideal for the amateur musician who s making film music, like me.

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Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Study of Orchestration book, this is one of the most wanted Samuel Adler author readers around the world.

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