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The Summer I Turned Pretty (Summer, #1) Belly Measures Her Life In Summers Everything Good, Everything Magical Happens Between The Months Of June And August Winters Are Simply A Time To Count The Weeks Until The Next Summer, A Place Away From The Beach House, Away From Susannah, And Most Importantly, Away From Jeremiah And Conrad They Are The Boys That Belly Has Known Since Her Very First Summer They Have Been Her Brother Figures, Her Crushes, And Everything In Between But One Summer, One Terrible And Wonderful Summer, The Everything Changes, The It All Ends Up Just The Way It Should Have Been All Along.

10 thoughts on “The Summer I Turned Pretty (Summer, #1)

  1. Ruth Ruth says:

    I nearly melted when Conrad was introduced That strong, silent, protective guy, why, he was even sexier than Edward Cullen And although he didn t sparkle, he certainly made up for it by his sorrowful brooding, which my heart soared out to I mean, who DOESN T understand when someone who is in pain turns to drinking and picking fights at parties There is just something

  2. Arlene Arlene says:

    There was so much about this book that bothered me, and I almost gave up on it several times I think the thing that bothered me most though was the protagonist Very often, if I can t connect or feel compassion for the main character, the book has slim to no chance of winning me over In my opinion, Belly was such an immature, self focused and petulant child Her actions and feel

  3. Tanja (Tanychy) St. Delphi Tanja (Tanychy) St. Delphi says:

    Amazingthat s only thing i can say I recommend this book to everybody One of the best books I ve ever read EDIT 19 likes for two sentences seriously, well thank you Still this book is probably the best summer book ever.

  4. Melannie :) Melannie :) says:

    I didn t like this book.The thing that bother me the most was the girl, Belly, she was VERY annoying I also just couldn t connect with the story, I mean all the book is about how much she loooooves Conrad one of her mom s best friend s sons and everything in her lifes revolves around Conrad.It was bording on obsession actually, she came across as pathetic And she complained about EVERYTHING, that

  5. Judith (Judith& Judith (Judith& says:

    Rating 4 1 2 stars Characters 5 stars Setting 5 starsPlot 4 Honourable Mention To Susannah For being the embodiment of summer, and pretty much perfect OOH, possible spoilers ahead guys, watch out Well So that was I feel a lot like this Because I am sure of two things 1 I freaking love this series And Conrad I really freaking adore him,than Jeremiah I am happy to say Ah, to be young and fictionally in love2

  6. Regan Regan says:

    4.5 5 I don t even know, but this book read like a dream and I really enjoyed it Also, I am terrified about what is going to happen in the later books.

  7. Arushi Arushi says:

    This book made me want to cry tears of blood.Belly, if someone is hurting and tells you to stop talking, you don t just kiss them Also, if you and your friend overhear about his mother s breast cancer, you don t think thoughts likeoh, I hope she doesn t loose a boob No Just, no.My husband does not approve of you.Low Points in this bookBelly Girl, this is for being whiny and obnoxious Also, for being a bitch to your mother and

  8. Maureen Maureen says:

    3.5 5I was in the mood for a YA contemporary romance and this was perfect for that I loved the story, even if most of the characters were not super developed Just a good ol YA contemporary romance.I liked Belly for the most part even though she was a ...

  9. Hershey Hershey says:

    An awesome summer read This story was so cute I loved all the characters because each and every one of them made me grin happilyBelly It was a summer I d never, ever forget.It was the summer everything began It was the summer I turned pretty Belly s whole life was measured in summers According to her, winter didn t count It was summer that mattered Why Because she gets to meet her two favorite boys, Conrad and Jeremiah.I found Belly very amusing

  10. Perpetual Writer& Perpetual Writer& says:

    DISCLAIMER This is a very negative review, so if you don t like hearing unpopular opinions, I would advise against reading it.WHY DID I DECIDE TO READ THISI almost hate this book I like to find the good in every book I read, because there s always something, so I never say I hate a book Even so, this one comes close Why I Read This Book So here s a bit of my background when it comes to Jenny Han I read To All The Boys I ve Loved Before a few weeks ago I t

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