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                        The Transformation of Mira (Hotwives and Cuckolds Book 4) (English Edition)
            Mira When I Met Hank I Was Sure Id Never Get Married I Liked Sex Way Too Much To Ever Imagine There Was A Man Who Could Keep Up With Me Dont Get Me Wrong, I Looked High And Low Trying To Find One But They Always Turned Out To Be All Talk And No Dick Action In The Long Run Sometimes In The Short Run, Too.So When I Slept With Hank For The First Time And Tried To Exit The Relationship Soon After, He Persisted Which I Found Charming But Puzzling After All, Hes Twenty Years Older Than Me, Rich As Fuck And Good Looking As All Get Out, So Why Was He Sniffing Around My Sorry Ass Not That Theres Anything Wrong With My Ass But You Know What I Mean We Met The First Time He Came To The Tall Boy Bar And Picked Me Up With All The Smooth Moves You Would Expect From A Fifty Year Old Divorced Father Of Three Grown Kids Which Is To Say, Zero But His Clumsiness Was Endearing And He Looked Good Enough For A One Nighter, Which Was Lovely But Nothing To Write Home About The Thing Was, He Kept Coming Back, Night After Night, As If I Was Something Special Which Made Me Feel Pretty Damned Special Especially After I Found Out Where He Lived And How Much He Was Worth Not That Im A Gold Digger Or Anything So Mercenary I Never Tried Or Planned To Get Married, Or Even Land A Sugardaddy, Even Though Several Of The Bitches In My Posse Were Long Term Sugarbabies And Never Shut Up About It I Was Just Out For A Good Time And Hank Provided Me With Just What I Wanted And I Thought We Were Done Over The Years, Id Found That Sticking Around For Anything Else Was Foolish At Best And Destructive At Worst Most Men Are Such Assholes But Not Hank He Just Kept Showing Up, Waiting For Me To Give Him Another Shot And Not Being Pushy Or Needy He Was Just There For Me So I Took Him Home A Second Time, Against My Better Judgment And We Had Even Fun Than The First He Didnt Get Possessive, Ask Me About My Grand Plans Or Any Such Bullshit, We Just Fu Ked And Then Fu Ked Again Hank Mira Was The Most Extraordinary Woman Id Ever Met, Slept With, Or Even Laid Eyes On Shes Not Stunningly Beautiful But Damned Close, Yet She Doesnt Act Like So Many Spoiled Hot Females I Cant Say I Blame Them Beautiful Women Are Treated Like Nobility In This Day And Age They Can Get What They Want Whenever They Want, From Whomever They Want, And They Know It A Person Can Only Go So Long Without Hearing The Word No Before It Starts To Warp The Way They Think But Mira Was Different Shes Pretty And Sexy Enough To Play That Game But For Reasons I Cant Fathom, She Doesnt Shes As Unspoiled A Beauty As Ive Ever Met, And With My Success And Money, Ive Had My Pick Of Hundreds Of Beautiful Women Some Were Great While Others Were Godawful With Most Falling Somewhere In Between Until I Met Mira And I Just Had A Sense That With The Way Shed Lived Her Life To That Point When We Met, She Was Perfect For Me And My Twisted Soul.

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