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The Treatment (Program) I was so excited for this book to come out I wanted to see what happened to Sloane and James after they went on the run Luckily for me this book picks up exactly after the first book ends Sloane and James are on the run from The Program, they know that they will stop at nothing to get them back There was the addition of new characters, some I liked some I did not care for like Dallas, I did not like that she was coming onto James with Sloane around, it was almost as if there was a need for a triangle, which there was if you count Realm, the friend that Sloane made inside the treatment center While he was a great catalyst for getting Sloane out of the program and on the run, he was kind of useless, and to later find out his past with Dallas, kind of made me upset that both characters were still involved.This book had angst, James leaving, the Program after them, the continuation of the epidemic of suicide spreading to than just teenagers, but it was not the kind of angst I hate While I was not happy that James took off after Realm showed up, I think it was needed to help show who Sloane really had feelings for The feelings between James and Sloane were something that intrigued me about this book You could still see the connection they felt even after going through the Program and being cured It was as if they had a bond that could not be broken even if they were not supposed to technically remember each other that way.I thought the tempo of the book was really well done as well It didn t drag on, it was fast paced and the story made sense all the way through I enjoyed the twists and turns and outcome that the author gave us I was shocked at some of what we found out and loved the ending. used from my blogPerhaps the best and strongest part of the story is James and Sloane s relationship They are a very yin yang kind of relationship that really works well with the tension in the story You are rooting for them from the start and can feel the anguish and frustration they feel throughout the story Yes, there are going to be bumps along the road Nearly impossible to avoid them in this context.I like how Young introduced a love triangle kind of thing between Michael, Sloane, and James but it was kind of like the love triangle in Twilight, you already know who the girl is going to choose From the beginning it was always Sloane and James and that doesn t change now We get to see what James did said to try and save Sloane from being erased from his memories or from her losing hers.For me and reading these kinds of books, I like to see character development I like to see at least one if not all the major characters change and grow as people In this book, I don t see Sloane changing or growing so much It seems like from start to finish she relies on James for strength to survive On the other hand, James changes drastically from beginning to end He is severely depressed after losing his two best friends Yes, he relies on Sloane for strength, but he knows that he s got it in him to be strong He has to for the both of them.There is a lot action and tension in this book then in the first book Once the action gets going, like around the 60% mark, it doesn t stop until the very end Young really keeps you on your toes and wanting to keep reading until it s done Best part is, she wraps up the story in a very nice and complete way, no leaving to many loose ends And of course the last sentence she writes is powerful and means a lot to those who have experienced depression. Can Sloane And James Survive The Lies And Secrets Surrounding Them, Or Will The Program Claim Them In The End Find Out In This Sequel To The Program, Which Publishers Weekly Called Chilling And SuspensefulHow Do You Stop An Epidemic Sloane And James Are On The Run After Barely Surviving The Suicide Epidemic And The Program But Theyre Not Out Of Danger Huge Pieces Of Their Memories Are Still Missing, And Although Sloane And James Have Found Their Way Back To Each Other, The Program Isnt Ready To Let Them Go Escaping With A Group Of Troubled Rebels, Sloane And James Will Have To Figure Out Who They Can Trust, And How To Take Down The Program But For As Far As Theyve Come, Theres Still A Lot Sloane And James Cant Remember The Key To Unlocking Their Past Lies With The Treatmenta Pill That Can Bring Back Forgotten Memories, But At A High Cost And Theres Only One Dose Ultimately When The Stakes Are At Their Highest, Can Sloane And James Survive The Many Lies And Secrets Surrounding Them, Or Will The Program Claim Them In The End

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