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The Unexpected Joy of Being Single: Locating happily-single serenity (English Edition) This Refreshing, Unusual Book Needs To Exist A Culture Shift Which Repositions A Single Person As Someone Who Is Relationship Free, Complete, And Not Lacking Is Long Overdue The I Having A Secret Single Freak Out Feeling The Red, Heart Shaped Urgency Intensify As The Years Roll On By Oh Hi You Re In The Right PlaceOver Half Of Brits Aged Are Now Single It S Become The Norm To Remain Solo Until Much Later In Life, Given The Average Marriage Ages Of Women And Men Many Of Us Are Choosing Never To Marry At All But Society, Films, Song Lyrics And Our Parents Are Adamant That A Happy Ending Has To Be Couple Shaped That We Re Incomplete Without An Other Half , Like A Bisected Panto Pony Cue Single Sorrow Dating Like It S A Job Spending Half Our Lives Waiting For Somebody We Fancy To Text Us Back Feeling Haunted By The Terms Spinster Or Confirmed Bachelor Catherine Gray Took A Whole Year Off Dating To Find Single Satisfaction She Lifted The Lid On The Reasons Behind The Global Single Revolution, Explored The Bizarre Ways Cultures Single Shame, Detached From All The Good Ones Are Gone Panic And Debunked The Myth That Married People Are Much HappierLet S Start The Reverse Brainwash, In Order To Locate And Luxuriate In Single Happiness Are You In Spoiler You Re Already WholePRAISE FOR CATHERINE GRAY S WRITING Fascinating Bryony GordonNot Remotely Preachy The TimesJaunty, Shrewd And Convincing The Telegraph Admirably Honest, Light, Bubbly And Remarkably Rarely Annoying The GuardianTruthful, Modern And RealStylistBrave, Witty And Brilliantly Written Marie ClaireHaunting, Admirable And EnlighteningThe Pool Catherine Gray Is An Award Winning Writer And Editor Her Work Has Appeared Cosmopolitan, GLAMOUR, The Sun S Fabulous Supplement, Stylist, Marie Claire, YOU, Women S Health, Grazia, The Guardian, Shortlist, The Pool, BBC Earth, Emerald Street, Heat And The Daily MailWhen She S Not Writing, Catherine Can Generally Be Found Trying To Do Crow Pose In Yoga And Failing, Watching Low Brow TV Meant For American Teens, Chatting Up Cute Dogs In The Park, Or Spending Money On Holidays When She Should Be Saving ItFind Out About Catherine Gray On Twitter And Instagram Unexpectedjoyof

5 thoughts on “The Unexpected Joy of Being Single: Locating happily-single serenity (English Edition)

  1. Tara777 Tara777 says:

    Wouldn t read it again.

  2. Kayla Mudgett Kayla Mudgett says:

    As someone who has been perpetually in out of relationships for over a decade, this book was a necessary read I m happy to say I got so much out of it, finally, in my mid 20s, I m learning that I m a complete person all on my own, even without the male validation I chased down for so long As I get ready to move start a new ch

  3. BCAinNC BCAinNC says:

    Loved this book In a world where it feels like you re nobody unless you re coupled up, this book is a fresh voice and a breath of fresh air This book says everything I feel about how awesome single can really be Thank you Catherine for being a voice for those of us know that being single is not sad but a truly awesome way to live y

  4. Elizabeth Kozlowski Elizabeth Kozlowski says:

    A must read for any woman who recognizes they have a bad relationship with alcohol Life changing for me.

  5. academics20193.se Customer academics20193.se Customer says:

    This book was about the mistakes the writer has made and that the joy of being single isi guess not dating Poorly written and long and drawn at stories that were not helpful.

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