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The Way of the Shaman (English Edition) eBook: Michael Harner: Amazon.es: Tienda Kindle First published in 1980, this is one the classic books on shamanism and in retrospect I can appreciate what anthropologist Michael Harner aimed at accomplishing with this book and his work Many take offense at his work, especially teaching workshops through his Foundation of Shamanic Studies FSS , but my understanding is he uses the funds raised to preserve and document shamanic practices as indigenous cultures disappear and helped to introduce shamanic practices to the West I have watched some of his You Tube videos and he comes across as an academic and rather unassuming He is also a shamanic practitioner, not just academic or author.I want to be upfront and say at the recommendation of a friend took the FSS core shamanic workshop in Phoenix, AZ Knowing very little about shamanism and not having read the book before the workshop I had no clue what I was about to experience and in retrospect it was a gift I didn t have any preconceived notions about what I should be experiencing During the workshop my hands and feet began to pulse and I also felt heat in my hands during a shamanic exercise Since I had no preconceived notions I know what happened was a pure experience I also had some intuitive experiences during the divination exercise that were on the money that I can t explain This is not a recommendation for Harner s workshops I only want to convey my experience made me a believer in shamanic ways and altered states of consciousness I know after the workshop shamanic practices are not all psychological bunk, drugs, or placebo effect In fact I would recommend not taking any drugs as the experience will be totally pure.Regarding Way of the Shaman, it is well written, not too long, and easy to read I enjoyed reading Harner s account of his ayahuasca journey You get a sense of how extremely heightened the senses become on ayahuasca and also how risky it can be to drink ayahuasca without the assistance of an experienced ayahuasca shaman You can feel his panic when finding himself lost in the jungle The age of the book shows when Harner refers to tape cassettes, but the centuries old information is still useful Harner was one of the first to put together the common threads from many shamanic cultures into a core practice He explains where the word shaman comes from and that it was selected for use because it was relatively new term not colored by connotations by words such as witch doctor and sorcerer While this work may well fall into what has come to be termed neo shamanism, I make a distinction between this work and blended or new age shamanism such as Reiki shamanism, shamanism and chakras, etc Harner bases his work on the actual shamanic practice and as he uses it himself he stays true to the basics of shamanic practices I also don t feel he enhanced or exaggerated anything like some authors to make it enticing, exciting or add commercial value He gives straightforward basic information on states of consciousness altered states of consciousness, the shamanic journey and how to journey, extraction, power or totem animals, drumming and rattling I would recommend this book as a good primer for the novice. Una visi n antropol gica, l cida y pr ctica del chamanismo en su esencia, recogiendo informaci n valiosa de diversas culturas ancestrales Muy recomendable. From tripping on ayuhuasca in Peru to sucking the evil spirits out of patients, Harner offers an overview of shamanic methods and practices While it would seem like such an undertaking would be a thick tome given the wide variety of cultures in which Shaman are a fixture, Harner suggest that there is a remarkable similarity of methods used by these medicine men be they in the Americas, Central Asia, or the South Pacific Of course, at a tight level of granularity there are differences, and Harner gives examples of such differences here and there usually using examples of the Shamanic practices he has studied in South and Central America However, this book is the high altitude over pass of the landscape.There are seven chapters The first couple of chapters both set up the book and hook the reader with a detailed discussion of Harner s Ayuhuasca and other mind mood altering substance experience It should be pointed out that not all Shaman use psychedelics and Harner describes in detail alternative approaches to achieve altered states of conscious that involve a combination of drumming and meditative practices Chapter three discusses altered states of consciousness, and what Harner calls the Shamanic State of Consciousness SSC which is the altered state that is pursued by medicine men in their practice Chapter four describes the concept of power animals and the role that they have in health and illness i.e from the Shaman s view, an illness might be seen as the result of lacking such a spirit animal The final three chapters discuss practices such as how the Shaman can acquire a power animal for the patient or how he she might extract a malevolent influence.I found an interesting corner being turned in this book In the opening chapters it reads much like an anthropologist s scholarly account Even talking about tripping on psychedelic substances, it s all with the grounded feel of a scientific mind However, in the latter half of the book, it reads as though Harner truly believes that the altered state of consciousness is actually a sort of parallel dimension with an intrinsic reality unto itself I don t know whether this is a tactic to feather it in for skeptical readers or if it reflects Harner s own internal journey It s definitely a hard line to walk when writing a book that one hopes to be read by both scientific rational skeptics and religious true believers At any rate, the book gets a bit wilder as it goes along In the beginning, the reader might think the book a discussion of how a powerful placebo effect is achieved, but by the latter chapters it seems one is considering how malevolent spirits can be trapped or extracted from a patient.As for ancillary material, there are line drawn illustrations, annotations, a bibliography, and two appendices The first appendix is about drumming and gives details about what kind of drums and rattles the would be Shaman should seek Drumming plays a major role in achieving the proper state of mind The second is a detailed description of a game played by the Flathead Indians I should note that I read the 3rd edition of this book The original was published in 1980.I found the book intriguing as one interested in how people of various cultures achieve altered states of consciousness, how they experience such states, and why they pursue them in the first place I d recommend it for a reader who is curious about Shamanic practices even one who, like me, is a complete neophyte to the subject. It is a great intro to core shamanism Harner also includes exercises for you to practice journeying, power animal retrieval, etc It s fascinating to see other s experiences of shamanic journey and how shaman treat patients with compassion Harner on the last chapter also point out that shamans care for the healthy being of the patients and encourage them to seek western medical help as well The book contains lots of great information and I really like the fact that it keeps you grounded It never makes you feel like you re excluded from the possibilities described within The guidance in journeying is most appreciated Prepare yourself This will guide you on your path and I can only imagine that it will be interesting and challenging, but most rewarding. This is a great source of information on the subject of Shamanism and provides a wonderful introduction I found the book an easy read and have referred to it several times as I have sought out information and matured in my understanding I would highly recommend this book to anyone seeking this information. Libro muy chulo, emocionante, inspirador, divertido, que te lleva a otros mundos, quiz al Real y no est occidental Saludos What Yogananda Did For Hinduism And DT Suzuki Did For Zen, Michael Harner Has Done For Shamanism Roger Walsh And Charles S Grob, Authors Of Higher Wisdom Harner Has Impeccable Credentials, Both As An Academic And As A Practicing Shaman Without Doubt Since The Death Of Mircea Eliade The World S Leading Authority On Shamanism Nevill Drury, Author Of The Elements Of Shamanism An Intimate And Practical Guide To The Art Of Shamanic Healing And The Technology Of The Sacred Michael Harner Is Not Just An Anthropologist Who Has Studied Shamanism He Is An Authentic White Shaman Stanislav Grof, Author Of The Adventure Of Self Discovery Wonderful, FascinatingHarner Really Knows What He S Talking About Carlos CastanedaThis Classic On Shamanism Pioneered The Modern Shamanic Renaissance It Is The Foremost Resource And Reference On Shamanism Now, With A New Introduction And A Guide To Current Resources, Anthropologist Michael Harner Provides The Definitive Handbook On Practical Shamanism What It Is, Where It Came From, How You Can ParticipateWonderful, Fascinating Harner Really Knows What He S Talking AboutRLOS CASTANEDAAn Intimate And Practical Guide To The Art Of Shamanic Healing And The Technology Of The Sacred Michael Harner Is Not Just An Anthropologist Who Has Studied Shamanism He Is An Authentic White ShamanANILAV GROF, Author Of The Adventure Of Self Discovery Harner Has Impeccable Credentials, Both As An Academic And As A Practising Shaman Without Doubt Since The Recent Death Of Mircea Eliade The World S Leading Authority On ShamanismVILL DRURY, Author Of The Elements Of Shamanism Michael Harner, PhD Has Practised Shamanism And Shamanic Healing For Than A Quarter Of A Century He Is The Founder And Director Of The Foundation For Shamanic Studies In Norwalk, Connecticut

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