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Things I Should Have Known Chloe Already Has Someone In Mind Ethan Fields, A Sweet, Movie Obsessed Boy From Ivy S Special Needs Class Chloe Would Like To Ignore Ethan S Brother, David, But She Can T Ivy And Ethan Aren T Comfortable Going Out On Their Own So Chloe And David Have To Tag Along Soon Chloe, Ivy, David, And Ethan Form A Quirky And Wholly Lovable Circle And As The Group Bonds Over Frozen Yogurt Dates And Movie Nights, Chloe Is Forced To Confront Her Own Romantic Choices And The Realisation That It S Okay To Be A Different Kind Of Normal An Unforgettable Story About Autism, Sisterhood, And First Love That S Perfect For Fans Of Jenny Han, Sophie Kinsella, And Sarah Dessen New York Times Bestselling Author Of Tell Me Three Things Julie Buxbaum Raved I Couldn T Put It Down This is a novel that will bring tears of joy and sorrow as you live alongside two sisters with very different life patterns Chloe is a delight to meet a sensitive soul who cares deeply for her autistic older sister There is no easy answer, no miracle solutions just the reality of the poignancy of love, of difference, and how kindness can lead to unexpected paths.A wonderful read. My oldest son I have three is autistic, so I was curious to read how the author wrote about sibling connections and about how to help autistic family members find meaningful romantic relationships What I appreciated from the start was the way the author showed how all of the characters related to one another from a sister s Chloe s perspective family members, friends, teachers I was moved by how Chloe managed comments and misperceptions about her older autistic sister it reminded me so much of the way my sons have done the same Very authentic and emotional On a light note, I enjoyed the teen dialogue quite a bit I also loved Chloe s conversations with Ivy, and also Ethan s with David another terrific sibling storyline.One of the things I liked most about the book was the way the author wove young love and desire into the story I think desire is hard to describe, especially in a YA novel, but it s important that people parents especially understand that people with autism crave connection just like everyoneelse.This may be a YA novel, but I recommend it to parents, friends and families of people with autism and other disabilities. Things I Should Have Known by Claire Lazebnik follows the life of Chloe and how she handles having an Autistic older sister To the outside world, Chloe seems like your average pretty girl with an amazing boyfriend and an easy life However, her life is much complicated than that Having a sister with Autism isn t easy when your mom neglects her job as a parent and you can t stand your stepdad Chloe does not want to show how it makes her feel when someone says something insulting about people with Autism as she just wants to be viewed as an easygoing, happy person This contemporary novel emphasizes the LGBTQ and autistic communities in a very respectful way while still showing the barriers that people associated with them face Because the story is told through the eyes of a present day high school student, this novel is very easy to understand and relate to Within the story, Chloe talks about dating, parties, school classes, and hanging out with friends which are all things that most high school students take part in or see on a day to day basis I enjoyed the book very much and would recommend it to people age 12 and up I believe that this book would be eye opening to someone of any age, to help them better understand the lives of people who may be different from them However, I feel that the book may be a little bit advanced for someone under the age of 12 as it includes mild profanity The book would be better suited and enjoyed by a 8th grade or high school student and up I also believe that the book is geared mainly towards women as it follows the life of a very feminine high school girl The book is 311 pages but very enjoyable and easy to get through quickly Although it isn t packed full of suspense, there is still something about the story that makes you want to keep flipping the pages Sadie Leigh

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