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This Book is Gay (English Edition) A Funny And Pertinent Book About Being Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Queer, Transgender Or Just Curious For Everybody, No Matter Their Gender Or SexualityFormer PSHCE Teacher And Acclaimed YA Author Juno Dawson Gives An Uncensored Look At What Its Like To Grow Up As LGBT Including Testimonials From People Across The Gender And Sexual Spectrums, This Frank, Funny, Fully Inclusive Book Explores Everything Anyone Who Ever Dared To Wonder Wants To Know From Sex To Politics, How To Pull, Stereotypes, How To Come Out And Spike Gerrells Hilarious Illustrations Combined With Funny And Factual Text Make This A Must Read

About the Author: Juno Dawson

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the This Book is Gay (English Edition) book, this is one of the most wanted Juno Dawson author readers around the world.

15 thoughts on “This Book is Gay (English Edition)

  1. Ellie J Ellie J says:

    This book was okay and provides a very simple overview of LGBT The reason why I gave one star is because I felt the section on religions was extremely inaccurate The book suggests being LGBT and Christian is a breeze, very inaccurate and portrays LGBT issues as non existent which I felt doesn t reflect accurate experience The writer obviously isn t religious, which isn t a problem, but

  2. Heather Playle Heather Playle says:

    I loved this book, and I wish it had been around when I started wondering about my sexuality It doesn t take itself too seriously, and handles all the basics without getting hysterical It also covers likely reactions of family and friends possibly the biggest barrier to coming out It makes you feel ok about being gay, and that s so important for young people It also made me giggle a lot, becaus

  3. LJBentley LJBentley says:

    This Book is Gay is the first book that I have ever seen that is marketed for teenagers to address LGBTQ issues that hasn t been patronising or written by someone well meaning but clueless about what it is to live as an LGBTQ person Juno Dawson, however, offers honest, witty, and entertaining information within her book This Book is Gay those who are aware of Juno Dawson if you haven t then, seriously,

  4. Lilac Lilac says:

    I would recommend this to 14 year old me who didn t realise that having feelings for girls was an option.If we give books to kids to learn about periods, puberty and heterosexual sex and procreation then why not include this I d like to see this in a bundle ready for those 11th birthdays My only criticism is that I wish it was co written with a women who identified as lesbian Everything was extremely well resear

  5. Vanessa Harbour Vanessa Harbour says:

    This is the second copy of this book I have purchased This one I got for my granddaughter and she loved it It answered all sorts of questions for her in an accessible way It gave her the choice to read on her own or come to us and ask questions It enabled us to open dialogues Highly recommend.

  6. Bobby Bobby says:

    At first I wasn t sure if I should get this or not, I thought it might be a bit cheesy and similar to pathetic advice leaflets given out in schools colleges However I actually found myself smiling an laughing at parts and frowning in others, but the author has written the book in a way which makes you realise individuality, personal choice and most importantly tries to help you to figure things out for yourself I think this book

  7. Meghan Meghan says:

    Informative, helpful and funny I love this book and i m hooked It s easy to read and reassuring for those in the LGBT community who may be nervous about coming out Highly recommend It also has a list of services for those in need in the LGBT community.

  8. Lewvic Lewvic says:

    As a 47 year old woman who has finally admitted to being bisexual and attracted to women, after years of bringing up my son as a long term singleton supposedly heterosexual single mum, thank you Your book has helped me realise I am not alone and that there is a whole exciting new world out there to explore.

  9. jim dowle jim dowle says:

    i bought this for my daughter

  10. Alex Walker Alex Walker says:

    Really helpful book, helped me understand about my sexuality and released the pressure on me to define myself I don t feel under any pressure to tell people about my sexuality or gender, I let them assume and I ignore them, it only matters to me Excellent condition as well.

  11. Shannon Shannon says:

    Came in perfect condition, like brand new After reading it my partner is now using the book and she thought I bought it brand new 100% would recommend

  12. Scotty Scotty says:

    Well worth a read it has humour and a commander sense attitude towards what for some people can be a sensitive subject.

  13. Mr M finnie Mr M finnie says:

    Some people may call this damaged, I call it a pretty good bi

  14. I Kenworthy I Kenworthy says:

    Excellent Everyone should read this Every school should have a copy Informative and entertaining.

  15. deirdre o'donnell deirdre o'donnell says:

    Perfectly pitched somewhere between YA and adult Useful information Oozes kindness and acceptance Essential reading for anyone working with young adults.

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