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This Book Is Gay I love the tone and accessibility, but the info is slightly off and sometimes a little dated I read LGBT content with a pencil and correct things update them and I ve written something in on almost every page It s pretty okay for teaching the basics, but far from perfect The Book Every LGBT Person Would Have Killed For As A Teenager, Told In The Voice Of A Wise Best Friend Frank, Warm, Funny, USEFUL Patrick Ness, Bestselling AuthorLesbian Bisexual Queer Transgender Straight Curious This Book Is For Everyone, Regardless Of Gender Or Sexual Preference This Book Is For Anyone Who S Ever Dared To Wonder This Book Is For YOU There S A Long Running Joke That, After Coming Out, A Lesbian, Gay Guy, Bisexual, Or Trans Person Should Receive A Membership Card And Instruction Manual THIS IS THAT INSTRUCTION MANUAL You Re Welcome Inside You Ll Find The Answers To All The Questions You Ever Wanted To Ask From Sex To Politics, Hooking Up To Stereotypes, Coming Out And This Candid, Funny, And Uncensored Exploration Of Sexuality And What It S Like To Grow Up LGBT Also Includes Real Stories From People Across The Gender And Sexual Spectrums, Not To Mention Hilarious Illustrations You Will Be Entertained You Will Be Informed But Most Importantly, You Will Know That However You Identify Or Don T And Whomever You Love, You Are Exceptional You Matter And So Does This BookOne Of The Guardian S Best Books Of The Year This Egregious Gap Has Now Been Filled To A Fare Thee Well By Dawson S Book Booklist Starred I was really excited when I read the summary of the book Recently some people, like Ashley Mardell have been building some great LGBT resources I thought this might be like that, but maybe a bit simplified It wasn t what I expected.When he talks about sexuality gender, there s a lot that he does right, but so much that he gets wrong He mentions trans individuals, but the book is still littered in casual cissexism gendered sex ed, gay women only like vaginas, etc and there is virtually no discussion of nonbinary individuals outside of the binary is troublesome and mentions of gender expression that could be connected to nb people He mentions asexuality in the early couple of chapters but appears to ignore it through the last half of the book No mention of sex adverse vs sex neutral and so on Also, there is no discussion of romantic orientation There are quite a lot of assumptions that everyone wants a mate.More on specific pros and consFirst, pros most of the language is accessible for people who are unfamiliar with the LGBT community I loved the bits from the people that he interviewed They tackled HIV fairly well They mention the idea of polyamory relitively positively though it isn t named and isn t talked about in the best way Some of the details, I took issue with The chapter on LGBT sex ed was pretty okay if you overlook the gendering of genitals and lack of ace talk which you shouldn t be overooking Cons while the language may be accessible for young people, a lot of the sass and cheesy popular culture slang make it less accessible for those who don t get sarcasm easily via text such as autistic people and older people parents and teachers who may not even take LGBT identities seriously He tackles stereotypes, but uses them relentlessly still see, my first comment about sass and pop culture While aces and aros are excluded, he puts in things that do not make sense to mention scat and poppers, as well as nearly a whole chapter on Grindr and casual sex.There is a lot that I could go into, but I ll save the energy It is a great idea for a book and I love the personal anecdotes, but the way he handles or doesn t handle a lot of the issues is problematic. I read this book with my 14 year old It was a solid introduction to everything that s not being adequately taught in school. My daughter is 15 and bisexual I was very excited to purchase this for her so she would have a go to guide It has some good information but I m returning it It s appropriate for college students For example, it provides info on how to make a good tinder dating profile and topics suited to the 18 and up crowd I also don t like the way it s written The writing is extremely crass and it made me cringe While I want my daughter to have good resources at her finger tips, I think this one almost over sexualizes the gay community to a point that it s of a hinderance than a support.

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