[Epub] ➛ Tom Brown's Field Guide to Wilderness Survival Autor Tom Brown – Andy-palmer.co.uk

Tom Brown's Field Guide to Wilderness Survival A Fully Illustrated Wilderness Survival Guide Perfect For Seasoned And Novice Outdoors Enthusiasts Alike Here, In One Essential Volume, Are The Basics Of Wilderness Survival The Most Ancient And Important Skills, Preserved For Generations, Are Presented In A Simple, Easy To Use Format With Clear Illustrations And Instructions A Complete Must Have Companion To The Great Outdoors How To Build Natural Shelters In Plains, Woods, Or DesertsHow To Get Safe Drinking Water From Plants, Trees, The Sun, Or Earth HerselfHow To Make Fire Without Matches And Maintain It In Any WeatherHow To Find, Stalk, Kill, And Prepare Animals For FoodThe Big Four Edible Plants, And Hundreds Of Others Useful For Both Nutrition And Medicine

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