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Tom Brown's Guide to Wilderness Survival (Survival School Handbooks / Tom Brown, Jr) Purchased this book as a text for a Wilderness Survival class I am teaching for children I purchased this specific book because of the read The way in which Brown writes makes it easily accessible to even the youngest kiddo in the class A great deal of information shelter, water, fire, food, tools, supplies, identifying wild edibles and is covered I appreciate that Brown covers the psychology of survival as well as our need to be grateful for the natural resources that are available to us all. Here, In One Essential Volume, Are The Basics Of Wilderness Survival The Most Ancient And Important Skills, Preserved For Generations, Are Presented In A Simple, Easy To Use Format With Clear Illustrations And Instructions A Complete Must Have Companion To The Great Outdoors How To Build Natural Shelters In Plains, Woods, Or Deserts How To Get Safe Drinking Water From Plants, Trees, The Sun, Or Earth Herself How To Make Fire Without Matches And Maintain It In Any Weather How To Find, Stalk, Kill, And Prepare Animals For Food The Big Four Edible Plants, And Hundreds Of Others Useful For Both Nutrition And Medicine If I had to pick only one book to learn from and share with others this would be it It is very well written, and easy to learn from I have a library of books, and most read like the dictionary In this book you can feel Tom Brown s passion for Mother Earth He has written many other books, but this one is his best This is one of my favorite books. Tom Brown does an excellent job of describing the wilderness survival knowledge as taught to him by an elder Apache man he lovingly called grandfather It s a very deep book containing Native American lore and sayings He not only describes the survival techniques but shares stories about how grandfather taught them to him and his trial and error experiences when trying them for the first couple of times This makes the book interesting and the techniques fun to learn and read about He describes what grandfather taught him about finding water, edible plants, making cordage rope making fire, stalking and killing animals for food, making primitive hunting weapons such as bow and arrow, spear, clubs, axes and Making native american shelters such as a teepee, a wigwam, wikiup and leaf hut which may be the most valuable survival technique of all time The is definitely in the top 3 in the list of the best wilderness survival books and should be in every survivalist and campers collection The other 2 are The Ultimate Guide to Wilderness Living by John and Geri Mcpherson and Outdoor Survival Skills by Larry Dean Olsen Jesus is the answer and God bless you Romans 10 9,10 I ve read a couple of his books many years ago, and enjoyed them immensely I did read a bit of the preview for this book, and knew it wasn t going to all that helpful Building shelters was helpful for me, but the edible plant section of course wouldn t be in black and white The knot tying pictures were terrible so I m non the wiser I hope I m never put in a survival position because I m incapable of harming any living thing Fishing would be the lesser of evils, but still be very painful I didn t even read the section on animal killing and trapping so I cant review that part My advice to others would be to find another book as I will too No disrespect to the author, he does know his stuff.

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